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There are many portable cameras out there. It´s quite logical, we are living an active life that deserves to be captured. Taking photos or shooting exiting videos while you are enjoying your climbing or other outdoor activity is easy these days.

Yes, easy, but it is also very easy to damage the camera or even lose. Therefore people prefer action cameras like GoPro. They are small, light, and provides a good picture quality. But what if you need something smaller? Smaller ones exist, but the battery life is often too short.

Meet Caply, a durable action camera that features up to 5 hours of video recording in 1080p resolution, up to 24 hours of timelapse recording, and standby for more than 120 hours on a single charge. Moreover, Caply is basically versatile travel camera with an expandable storage that can go up to 128 GB.

Designed to be clipped to your backpack, jacket or other items, Caply camera is built to capture moments you would miss otherwise. With voice control features and assistive touch, this small camera is simple and easy to use. Swipe or tap the device to record video or take photos. What´s more, with commands like “Caply, take a photo”, you don’t even have to pull your hands out of pockets.

Easy To Use

Tap once to take a photo / Tap twice to start recording

Swipe upward to record 10 seconds short clip / Swipe downward to start time-lapse recording


Caply Cam
Caply´s accessories set

To be used in all kinds of situations, the company offers unique accessories, so you will be able to mouth this anti-shake action camera anywhere you want.


Flex defines square shape design, and independent of any mount


Use it as an external supplementary stabilizer for Caply.


With Cliple you can attach Caply cam to your clothes or backpack.

Connector X

A durable plastic mount that holds the Caply cam on and supports various GoPro accessories.


With this accessory, you are able to turn Caply into a waterproof camera and take photos underwater.



Key Features

  • Wearable: Smaller than a lipstick, truly portable to go.
  • Different accessories expand playability of Caply camera. It’s a perfect choice for adults, kids, pets, even work as a dashcam.
  • Low-power Long Battery Life: Up to 5hrs non-stop record, 24 hrs time-lapse record and standby more than 120 hrs. Up to 128GB storage, 10,000+ pics.
  • 1080P FHD, 140°FOV wide angle distortionless lens
  • EIS Stabilization (Shake-Free Video)
  • Easier Operating Mode: Touch & Voice Control, touch once to take a photo, touch twice to take video. Wake up Caply several meters away without touching, totally hands-free.
  • Supports Live Stream on social media


Available on Kickstarter starting at $69 shipped, Caply is looking like a good deal. Delivery is scheduled to be in June of 2018 if they surpass the funding goal. With over 600% of its goal already pledged, Caply is a reality at this point.

Designer: Caply

All images and video via Caply / Kickstarter


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