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Standard mobile lenses are good, but if you looking for better quality or more options, perhaps we found something for you. CASEZO is the first smartphone case which comes with an advanced and detachable set of lenses. Designed specifically for the quick attachment, the switching and changing lenses takes just a seconds. It gives you an option to take pictures with 3 different lenses: Tele lens with 2x zoom, 0.67 wide-angle lenses and 180-degree fish-eye.

CASEZO - Take Your iPhone Photography To The Next Level


Tele lens 2x

The 2x telelens let you get closer to the action, with its shallow depth or view nature you can create stunning portraits

Wide lens 0.67

The 0.67 wide lens gives you about a double of the field of view. This is perfect for capturing beautiful architecture and epic landscape scenes.

Fish Eye Lens 180°

The fisheyes lens are able to capture 180° field old views, best to take on an adventure to create some awesome images.


casezo performance

images source: Yamaha Tsung

Don´t forget that CASEZO is also a smartphone case, so it has helpful features like protecting your phone against hits and scratches. If you are interested in a mobile accessory, you can find a CASEZO smartphone case on Kickstarter.


Designer: CASEZO – Yamaha Tsung [Kickstarter]