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What We Like
Adaptive Tool System
Sewing pattern library
Amazing cutting
Unique gliding and rolling action
Great value
What We Don’t Like
Small cutting space
You have to buy a knife blade
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The Cricut Maker is incredibly versatile cutting machine for those who want to work with a wide range of materials. Over 100 materials can be cut with the Cricut Maker – from thin vinyl to thick leather, foam, metal, and fabric. You can also additionally buy a knife blade if you need to cut materials up to 2.4 mm thick.


Cricut Maker – Best Vinyl Cutting Machine For Home Use


NECHSTAR SCORE – 92% (Based on 18 expert reviews)


Cricut Maker Specifications

  • Type of Cutter: For fabric cutting
  • Size: 22.6 x 7.1 x 6.2 inches (57 x 18 x 16 Centimeters)
  • Weight: 23 lbs (10 kg)
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Max Cutting Width: 12 inches (30 cm)
  • Max Cutting Lenght: 24 inches (60 cm)
  • Materials It Can Cut: 100+ up to 2.4mm thick
  • More: Rotary blade, drive housing, 50 free ready-to-make projects, USB cable, power adapter, Fine Point Blade and Housing, Fine Point Pen





Expert reviews and ratings


By Cutting Machine Reviews – 98% 

This professional vinyl cutter stands out thanks to its powerful cutting features. In fact, the manufacturer suggests that the machine is a beast of fabric cutting. But what would you expect of a machine that comes with a fully-fledged rotary blade anyway? As you have known the rotary blade utilizes both rolling and gliding action to simplify fabric cutting.


By Cut Cut, Craft – 100% 

The Cricut Maker is the best machine you can buy today and the best cutting machine I’ve ever used or reviewed. If you routinely work with fabric or thicker materials like leather, it’s a complete game-changer.


By Vinyl Cutting Machines – 96% 

The brand new Rotary Blade has been designed to cut through virtually any fabric. It’s equipped with gliding and rolling action that makes cutting fabric as easy as cutting through butter and allows you complete control over — regardless of what direction it’s going in. Cricut is saying that the blade is so sophisticated, it can take on anything from the lightest silk and chiffon to thick denim and canvas. No more hand cutting!


By The Best Vinyl Cutters – 94% 

Whilst the Maker is more pricey in comparison to other machines, the Maker Cricut Machine is without a doubt one of the best vinyl cutters for both fabrics as well as for thicker material. We love that this machine is so versatile that it can handle material from the gossamer-thin fabrics and tissue paper to balsa wood & leather.


By Heatbusiness – 80% 

So, what’s the rotary blade? Well, it’s kinda simple to understand actually. This revolutionary blade will allow you to cut patterns and shapes with incredible precision in any kind of fabrics imaginable. It’s an advanced technology, more accurate, more efficient, and more time-saving than the manual scissor method.


By How To Heat Press – 88% 

The Cricut Maker is definitely worth the money. It is an extremely well designed and high-quality machine that can do so much! As with all things Cricut, the Maker comes in a range of colors. The original and standard color is ‘Champagne’, and there are 3 others: Mint, Rose, and Blue (Mint being the most recent).


By Nechstar – N/A 

With the rotary blade alone, you get a versatile crafting machine with dozens of pre-designed patterns ready for you to create. It can cut almost every fabric you can think of – silk, denim, canvas, chiffon, etc. And the abilities to switch easily between tools, use two tools at once and import a huge range of design files, even the advanced crafters – WOW. We are sure that Maker will fit all your needs.


By Smart Fun DIY – N/A 

Every Cricut machine has a unique set of materials it can cut. Most Cricut machines can cut paper, vellum, vinyl, and other thin materials. The Cricut Maker can cut over 100 different materials, including chipboard, felt, fabric, and faux leather.


By Swoodson Says – N/A 

You can upload any SVG or PNG files into the software, or design within it, so the sky is the limit. I wanted to share a taste of the sewing patterns that come pre-loaded in Design Space. Not all of these are free if it has a little green blurb in the top left corner it is. The paid patterns aren’t outrageous; $10 and under as far as I could tell.


By Personal DIECutting – N/A 

The Cricut Maker comes with an upgraded Print then Cut feature. This feature allows you to print images using your printer, then cut them with the Maker. The Maker comes with an enhanced sensor. Unlike the Cricut Explore machines, the Maker now allows you to cut on colored and patterned cardstock.


By Joy’s Life – N/A 

What blew me away was that the combination of the rotary blade and this fabric mat means that you don’t have to add a backing to your fabric, which is unusual when cutting fabric with a die cut machine. And… the rotary cutting blade on the Cricut Maker is fantastic at cutting a circle, which isn’t easy.


By The Navage Patch – N/A 

The one thing that struck me most as my Cricut Maker sliced through the basswood was how quiet this machine operates! I remember before Handan got a Cricut Maker she used a competitor’s machine (I’m sure you can guess the brand).


By Modern Flower Creation – N/A 

Another feature to mention is the fast mode setting on the Cricut Maker. Like the Explore Air 2, you can cut certain materials on fast mode whereas to cut others the setting has to remain on normal speed. For example, you are not able to use the fast setting mode on basswood, but you can use it on vinyl and cardstock.


By The Ana Mum Diary – N/A 

The instructions to set your machine up are comprehensive but VERY simple. Once you have set up an account on *Design Space (which is where you make your designs to send to the machine) you simply connect either a tablet/smartphone via Bluetooth or a laptop via the USB cable. I’ve tried both methods, and they work equally as well.


By By-Pink – N/A 

Well for starters the Cricut Maker comes with a rotary blade specifically for cutting fabric. I will definitely be doing some sort of Cricut maker sewing tutorial in the near future. It also cuts hundreds of materials just as the other machines do.


By Glued To My Crafts – N/A 

Overall, I can say with all honesty and truthfulness, this machine is going to change A LOT of things in your craft world. Not only are going to be working smarter not harder but you are also going to be saving so much time and money!


By Sustain My Craft Habit – N/A 

It was exciting to see these items come together with just a few clicks here and there. Most impressive was how quickly we made the note card! We’re pretty certain we’ll never need to purchase another greeting card again!


By Twelve On Main! – N/A 

So, overall, I think that YES this is something that everyone should be using! It’s so fun, and I find myself down a rabbits hole on the daily, looking for new projects or creating new ones all on my own. I cannot wait to share more with you. I have more projects on the horizon including creating iron on projects and more!






Image credit: Cricut

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