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Coffee is an uplifting, comfortable and versatile drink that tastes amazing. One of the recent coffee phenomena is cold brew coffee. As the name suggests is a drink is brewed and served cold, delivering a sweet and smooth taste versus the acidic and floral taste of hot coffee.

Hot and cold brew coffee is made from the same stuff but they are prepared way differently. The way coffee taste by the time it gets to your face mouth is affected by two things. The way it is roasted and the way it is brewed.

Most people are familiar with the hot brew drip coffee. This is basically dripping hot water over coffee dust until you have a full coffee drink. Using this method the coffee takes minutes to prepare and the result is an amazing coffee smell. Cod brew takes much more time and involves soaking coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water and then letting it sit and sleep like tea for hours even days. Cold brew coffee is strained and served cold, sometimes over ice, resulting in a much smoother, less acidic taste and the concentration of caffeine is also a lot higher, so you can still get that kick in the heart.

Cold Brew Coffee in 15 Minutes


The CUB Cold Brew system was created especially thanks to the demand for cold brew coffee. This system can make less acidic, highly caffeinated and smooth tasting cold brew coffee in 15 minutes. The vacuum technology is what sets the CUB Cold Brew System apart from other makers on the market.


cub cold brew system

images source: CUB Cold Brew

How does the CUB vacuum technology work?


It uses a one-way valve system and creates a vacuum inside the brewing container. When you pull up no the pump, the air is pulled from the container and it doesn´t allow it to re-enter. Then, when you push down, the air is forced outside the system. The result is less air in the brewing container.


The CUB Cold Brew system is great for brewing large batches and drinking it throughout the week. For the best results, you need to filter the cold brew by running it through a paper filter on a drip coffee maker. Seal it in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. This cold brew coffee keeps its freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks.


Designer: CUB Cold Brew [Kickstarter

All images via CUB Cold Brew/Kickstarter