What’s The Difference Between Monaural And Binaural Headsets

What do these terms mean? Let's make it clear.

When buying a new headset these days people typically debate the style they want. We all have different preferences, and fortunately, we can choose from many shapes and sizes.

While reading the descriptions of few headsets, you might find they come in two varieties – monaural and binaural. But what do these terms mean? What’s the difference between monaural and binaural headsets? Let’s make it clear.


Headsets are similar to headphones, but they have a microphone built in. An ideal device for voice over IP communications with services such as Skype, interfacing with a phone system, playing online games with voice communications, and much more.

Monaural Headsets

Monaural headsets (also called mono) can only play sound from a single channel. These headsets consist of a single earpiece and a microphone. Usually lightweight and used in places where you need to be aware of what is going on around you. Example: Call center. You have to be on phone but still conversate with other workers.

Binaural Headsets

A binaural headset is another name for a stereo headset. Binaural may be closely associated with a recording technique, but it simply means – hearing with two ears. They include a full pair of headphones and a microphone. This style helps you block out background noise ensuring you hear every spoken word. An ideal device for those working in busy environments. Most common types you can find on market are over-the-ear binaural headsets, including models that feature noise-cancellation.


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