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Are you passionate about skating?

If your answer is yes, then we found something for you.

Let us present to you the Dualomo Hybrid. A high-performance electric board designed to push, carve and pump more like a longboard or skateboard. What´s more, you can push it naturally or use the handheld remote to get more speed.

Dualomo Hybrid board is aiming mainly for riders who wanted a combination of a power-assist function and classic elements of skateboarding (pushing, pumping). With a top speed of up to 25mph (40kmh), 25% uphill grade climbing and a battery life of up to 15 miles (24 km), the e-board helps you travel even longer distances.


Dualomo Hybrid

© Dualomo


Unlike other electric skateboards, the Dualomo Hybrid allows for a more natural manual push whether the board is turned OFF or ON. This makes it 1000% more like a normal skateboard or longboard. We appreciate the Push-Function most when we’re starting our rides. Simply drop your board and push away just like you would on your skateboard or longboard. All of the curious folks around you won’t realize it is an electric board until you decide to push the throttle and accelerate out of sight.

Dualomo Hybrid Features

  • Hub-motors for easier pushing
  • Up to 25mph top speed
  • 25% uphill grade climbing
  • Up to 15 miles on a single charge
  • The battery can be fully charged in 90 minutes
  • Regenerative braking (adds power to the battery)
  • Ergonomic hand-controller
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration curve
  • Kids/beginner mode


Dualomo Hybrid board

© Dualomo


If you find the Dualomo Hybrid board interesting, you should know that there are three models for you to choose from including the Hybrid-E, Hybrid-S, and Hybrid-X. All are handcrafted and assembled in the USA. Dualomo uses 70% domestically sourced components. The special price (on Indiegogo) is starting at $599 for the Hybrid-E model and goes up to $899 for the Hybrid-X. For more information and the latest updates, use the link below.

Designer: Dualomo™ Team


Images and video courtesy of Dualomo™ 


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Dualomo is a crowd-funded Indiegogo project that has no guarantee of succeeding. This article is not an official promotion of the Dualomo™ Team, and we at Nechstar are not responsible if the project does not succeed through crowdfunding. We are trying to introduce our audience interesting projects that have a high chance of success, but you, the reader, assume all responsibility by pledging your money to this project.