E-Reader Vs Tablet: Which One To Buy?


Simple answer: How much reading will you really be doing? If you are a frequent reader, you should be going for the e-reader. You will read without any distraction from push notifications, email, or the internet in general. But if you want to have a device not only for reading or listening to audiobooks than a tablet makes better sense.


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As a passionate reader who is looking for a device that will help him to store and organize all his ebooks, you are able to mainly choose between two devices: tablets and e-readers.

At first glance, ebook reader and tablet looks similar, but in fact, these devices are completely different.

The main difference: the purpose.

E-readers are specially designed to give you the most convenient way of enjoying reading, but tablets can do so much more. They are like a mini laptop. You can do almost the same things on the tablet that you can with the laptop.

We understand that some people like using e-readers to read books, some like to read on tablets or smartphones. We can’t say which way is better, it is just a personal preference. However, we created a detailed comparison: e-reader vs tablet, summarising the benefits of each device with a strong emphasis to ebook reading.

E-reader Vs Tablet: Size And Weight

In general, e-readers are lighter and slimmer than tablets. Most of them are highly portable, so light, you can hold them for a long time in one hand, like a book.

A tablet, as we wrote above, is a small yet powerful device, similar to a mini laptop, where you can comfortably watch movies, browse the internet, or play games.


Which one is better: e-readers vs tablets
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E-reader Vs Tablet: Display

One of the key differences between tablets and ebook readers is the screen.

Most e-readers come with a 6 or 7-inch display with an E Ink technology that is less stressful for your eyes while reading. With an e-reader you get almost the same reading experience as with regular books and thank to the anti-glare screen, you can even read without any problem in sunlight.



Speaking about tablets, they come with LCD screens. Sharp, colorful, and with backlighting. Great for movie watching or browsing web, but for reading books, for long periods of time, it can fatigue your eyes. Not to mention, the display of a tablet is reflective, so you should expect an issue while reading outside.

E-reader vs Tablet: Battery Life

Be prepared for excellent battery life on ebook readers. They will last for weeks even with Wi-Fi turned on. Tablets, on the other hand, many applications (background prosses) which drains the battery very quickly. Expect, in rare cases, 2-3 days on a single charge.

E-reader vs Tablet: Conclusion

For people who love reading or want a similar experience as with old fashioned books, get an e-reader. That is no brainer. With a special E Ink technology (reading is less stress for your eyes), long battery life, lightweight and low price, you will buy yourself a great device. Check out Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (great value), or Kindle Oasis (best e-reader 2019).

Many people complain that e-readers can’t be used for browsing the internet or checking email. That´s true. Tablets are a good option for people who need a more complex device, not only for reading. For a slightly higher price, you are able to watch videos, movies, play games, browse the web or much more.





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