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Many of us are looking for a cheaper ways to heat our homes. And Egloo has an incredibly effective, pleasant and clever way how to heat you spaces. This smart heater uses a normal tea light candles for generating heat that is so powerful you can raise the surrounding temperature by 2-3° in only 30 minutes. Designed by Marco Zagaria, the Egloo is made out fo terracotta and has 2 domes which are able to trap the heat of the candle between them and releasing it via an orifice on the top.  And the best feature! With the Egloo you do not need electricity, batteries, all you need is a bunch of tea light candles which cost just 10 cents per day.

Egloo - Candle powered heater

The Egloo consist of four main elements. The base, the grill and as mention above, two domes. The base offers the proper space for the tea candles that will warm the domes up.  For the full function of the heater, you need only 4 candles and the temperatures in the room will rise quickly.

Egloo - Candle powered heater

Egloo - Candle heater

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Egloo is nice looking and efficient piece of Italian art, that looks awesome both indoors and outdoors. Available in various versions: Enamelled, Textured, Natural, Coloured and Metal, the Egloo is not only well-designed but easy-to-use, environment-friendly room heater, you should try.