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We all are special, we all are unique. Even our feeling of temperature in the room is different from other people. Now, imagine you can create your own personal micro-climate. We introducing you Evapolar.

Evapolar 2 is a portable air conditioner designed to purify, clean, filter and cool the air around you.


Evapolar 2 – This Smart Air Conditioner Will Create A Comfort Zone Around You


The technology behind Evapolar 2 is simple, yet it aims to give better air quality for everyone.

Personalizing your own climate is a reality with Evapolar 2 as it can improve personal comfort in terms of the air that you breathe, both at home and at work.

The Evapolar evaporation technology is based on unique nanomaterials used in evaporative pads. Sounds difficult, but Evapolar 2 is very easy to use.


Evapolar 2 – This Smart Air Conditioner Will Create A Comfort Zone Around You

Just fill the removable water tank and connect the Evapolar 2 air conditioner to a power supply. In 5-10 minutes the cartridge of Evapolar absorbs a water and then spreads it on the surface of the cooling pads. Now, the water evaporates and this process makes the air cool of 3-4 square meters around you. The Evapolar 2 cartridge will last up to 6 months, it depends on the quality of water.

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  • It uses simple water to cool the air.
  • Evaporative pads are made of inorganic material. Thus it stops bacteria spread.
  • Evapolar 2 release out humid flow that reminds you of mild sea breeze.
  • It protects your skin and hair beauty in a dry environment.Evapolar 2 Portable Smart Air Conditioner works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Smart Things. Using the custom app you can interact and control the device on your smartphone.



Create your own micro climate with the next-generation Evapolar air conditioner! Application control, tools for automation and smart home capabilities make Evapolar 2 a natural fit for your office and home ecosystems.

Whether you are an office worker relying on a central AC or a parent looking after kids, a light sleeper or if you just want to reduce your electricity bills, the eco-friendly and energy-efficient Evapolar air conditioner is just right for you.

Your Evapolar 2 is ready to create a personal comfort zone where you need it most. You can shape the environment around you by cooling and humidifying the air. Recently running an Indiegogo campaign, you can use the link to check the price or read more info.

Designer: Eugene Dubovoy

All images Eugene Dubovoy / Indiegogo