The Fitbit Zip Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Is the Fibit Zip waterproof

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Simple, small, and affordable. The Fitbit Zip is a basic fitness tracker great for beginners or for people who want to enter into the world of fitness trackers.

Amazon: Fitbit Zip
Amazon: WoCase ZipBand (wear it like a watch)

The Zip is a great affordable intro to fitness trackers, but before you buy it, you should know a few things about this gadget.



What Does the Fitbit Zip Do?

Although the Zip came out several years ago, it is still great at what it does. This gadget is designed to handle basic tracking. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. You have also the option to sync all your data to your smartphone and track your goals in the official Fitbit app.


Is the Fitbit Zip waterproof?

No. The Fitbit Zip is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. Keep in the mind, this is more of a pedometer and it shouldn´t be wear swimming. On the other hand, getting it a little wet won’t damage its functionality.


How To Charge Fitbit Zip?

The process itself is simple. Just plug in your charging cable into a USB port on your PC, laptop or another low-energy device. You can also use a USB wall charger.


What Battery Does Fitbit Zip Use?

The Zip comes with a replaceable 3V Lithium battery, CR2025. With regular use, the battery should last for 6 months then you have to manually replace it, but they are incredibly cheap – you can buy a 10-pack at Amazon for a very low price.


Does The Fitbit Zip Track Sleep?

No. The Zip doesn’t track sleep. However, other Fitbit devices do have that option.


Does The Fitbit Zip Track Stairs?

No. This gadget doesn’t track stairs but it will count the steps you take on the stairs.


Does The Fitbit Zip Tell Time?

Yes. The Zip´s screen shows time, but also steps, miles, and calories.


Does the Fitbit Zip Have GPS?

No. The Fitbit Zip is a basic activity tracker without advantage features such as GPS.


Where To Buy Fitbit Zip?

Perhaps the best places to buy Fitbit Zip are Amazon and eBay. You can also check out the official Fitbit´s store and compare prices with other online retailers.


Wear Your Fitbit Zip Like A Smartwatch

The Wocase Zipband is specially designed for the Fitbit Zip activity tracker and will turn this device into a watch. With a wide color range, you can personalize your wristband to match your daily style.






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