FlexClip Review – An Effective Online Tool For Simple Videos

Who would have thought 10 years ago that we could go online, watch a video, and become literate in a given area? Yes, that is reality.

We all are watching videos not only to be entertained but also to learn something new. Did you know that 30% of people searching on Youtube are for educational type videos?

These days, people’s attention is getting shorter and we would much rather watch a video than read the text.

That’s why short 1-5 minute videos are so popular, they work perfectly to grab the audience´s attention. And what do you think, is creating such short videos difficult?

No, if you are using the right video editing software.

In order to create a professional-looking video, you don’t need to use Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. These editors need time to master, but there are tons of easy-to-use video makers.

That´s why, we on Nechstar love software such as Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, and PowerDirector. They can be used even with beginners without editing skills to create great-looking videos and publish them online.

New interesting software designed for editing beginners is FlexClip. Let’s talk a little more about it.

FlexClip: An Easy-To-Use Video Maker

Need a simple way to visualize your content or you just need to improve your business presentation? Then FlexClip should be on your radar.

Designed to help you create videos as simple as possible, it allows users to create videos based on a template of slides. It is a great tool for creating promotional, presentation, or explainer videos.

Simple and fast. This online tool can save you time.

Text effects, templates, explainers, and videos are already pre-made. All you have to do is type in your text or upload images or video footage, and you have a finished video.

FlexClip has a lot of common with video makers like Explaindio, and VideoMakerFX. It also offers a fantastic drag-and-drop feature we like on Canva.


How To Create Video Using FlexClip

The process of registering is simple enough, you sign in with Google, Facebook, or create an account with an email and a password.

After you sign up for a free account, you go straight to a My Project panel where you can create your first project.

Welcome to FlexClip


Now, you can choose a preset video template or create a blank project from scratch. Once you are in the project view, you will see a storyboard where you can add clips with videos, photos or backgrounds. You can use preset templates or make your own.

When adding videos or photos, you can browse through stock options and pick the one you like, or you can add your own videos or pictures from your computer. However, we noticed that you can only add one video at a time, which is a little bit disappointing.

You can also upload only one minute and less video clip, so if your clip is longer, you have to trim it. In fact, this site is designed for simple short videos, for longer edits, you should use other editors such as PowerDirector or Adobe Premiere Pro.

If you want to add transition effects between two segments in the storyboard, you just need to click the Transition icon and then you can choose the effect you like.

To make your videos more eye-catching, FlexClip offers simple, yet effective text options. You can change the font, size, alignment, and colors. However, you are limited to adding only one text box to a clip.

FlexClip Review


And what is a video without music or voice-overs? You can record yourself by clicking on the microphone button or upload your own music.

The last tab you can use is hidden under the gear icon. In this section, you can add a watermark, position it, set the ideal size and opacity. You can also set the aspect ratio of the video.

If you are satisfied with the final video, then you need to click on the export button. This will open a new tab where you have to choose the quality of the video. For the free version, you can use only 480p (not enough), for another video resolution you need to upgrade your plan.


FlexClip resolutions

FlexClip: Pricing

Is FlexClip free? Yes, but… The free version is feature limited, you can use only one stock video per project, your video can´t be longer than 1 minute, and the downloaded video comes in 480p resolution.

Of course, there are two other plans billed monthly or annually. The FlexClip Basic plan costs $8.99 (monthly) and offers more features, you can make up to 3 min long videos with a resolution of 720p. With the Plus plan ($15.99 monthly) you can create up to 5 minute long videos with unlimited stock videos from the library and a resolution of 1080p.

Is FlexClip free


FlexClip: Final Thoughts

These days, we have so many options to chose from. There are many online video makers: free, paid, good, or bad. If you need to make short video stories, FlexClip is a simple online tool ideal for that.

However, if you need to add more stuff in your videos or create a lot of them, it will likely not be enough for you. In that case, you go for PowerDirector or Adobe Premiere Pro. And master them.

In our opinion, FlexClip is a just quick video making solution. It is good enough to create a few short videos but has a lot of limitations. But since it’s free, why don’t to try it.



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