5 Free Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Stories

5 Free Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Stories

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When it comes to Instagram features, Stories are very popular now.


Because you can share all the moments you want with your followers, and they will be deleted after 24 hours.

Of course, this is not an original idea from Instagram (stoled from Snapchat), but you can expect the same features – filters, stickers, text overlay…

Need some apps to make your Instagram stories even better?

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post

Pick a photo, add text, and apply a design filter to instantly stand out from the crowd on social. This is a sentence from Adobe for their Instagram app called Spark Post. This simple app has so many options, and even more, are being added all the time. 

Easy, professional, powerful animation/slideshow creation for stories. In a few minutes, you are able to add photos and text and then apply included themes or animations.


Download: Adobe Spark Post (Free)




We on the Nechstar love Canva. A free powerful online tool that covers all our content (not videos). Canva and Adobe Spark have one common. They offer pre-built templates for “lazy designers”.

To create an Instagram Story, just go to the Canva app, select a template from their huge list of layouts, upload your own image, edit, post. That’s all. 

You are able to use all the included things and filters such as brightness, contrast, cropping, rotating, or blurring for free. Also add different design elements – shapes, lines, arrows, text headers to your projects. All as we said before, it is free or for just $1, not more.


Download: Canva (Free)




You may have already experienced it. You upload a video or image to Instagram and it needs to be cropped to fit the vertical aspect ratio of Stories. We found something interesting for you to fix this problem.

A free app is available for Android and iOS that allows you to customize the aspect ratio of any video or image you want to share in your Stories. 

The Inshot app is free with their watermark. To remove the watermark you need to pay a few dollars.


Download: InShot for Android | iOS (Free)


Hype Type

Hype Type

Share your message with style. This could be a motto for the Hype Type app. Take your image or video, type your message, select an animation style. So easy can the editing be?

With this iOS app, you can customize the size, position, and text color. Want to add some music to the Story? Choose from a huge list of tracks available to use as backing music.

Same as the Inshot app above, the Hype Type application is free only with the company watermark. Removing this element will cost you $1.99 and unlocking additional animations cost the same price.

Are you an Android owner? You can find a similar app for this system called the Legend app.

Download: HypeType (Free)




The PicPlayPost app has been around for a while and it is still a very powerful app for everyone who wants to create attention-grabbing Stories. This simple app is allowing you to combine multiple photos and videos into vertical collages in the 9:16 aspect ratio. 

Pick your favorite layout, add images and videos to each of the spaces within the collages. For more impact, add some music if you want.


Free only with company watermark, to remove it you will need to pay $4.99.

Download: PicPlayPost for Android | iOS (Free)



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