GoBag 2 Backpack – Clever solution for your short-haul luggage problems

GoBag 2

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Short-haul flights are the dominant form of air travel in the EU. The low-cost operators such as Ryanair and EasyJet have made jetting around the continent quicker and cheaper.

Although flying on a plane is preferable to many other methods of transportation for some people, it is not without its disadvantages. One of the cons is constantly increasing fees for checked luggage. so it essential to have a good carry-on bag with you.

We want to introduce you GoBag 2 backpack, maybe an answer to all your short-haul luggage problems.

The GoBag 2 is designed with one-bag-travel in mind. Pack small, thing big – this is one of their mottos.

GoBag 2 backpack

How to describe GoBag 2 Backpack in one sentence?

A futuristic-looking waterproof carry-on sized bag, with the storage of a rucksack and functionality of a backpack. Or shorter, a good mix of performance and versatility.

6 different ways to open

With the GoBag 2, you get six different ways how to open the bag thanks to a 2-meter long main zip that runs along the outer edge of the front and side panels.

Now, all your items are easily accessible and at the side of the bag, you have even a secret pocket that is perfect for storing passports, tickets or any other valuables.

Pack twice with compression system

The unique feature of the GoBag 2 backpack is a removable Max Pack dry bag which acts as a compression chamber within the bag. It is enabling you to pack twice the amount into the space provided.

The Max Pack is made from TPU coated nylon which can be compressed by hand (or with a vacuum using the check valve if serious space-saving is needed) to free up interior space.

GoBag 2 bag


The GoBag uses ultra hard-wearing Hypalon on the base of the bag and to reinforce webbing straps. This is the material that whitewater rafts are made out of – so it’s super tough!

This is backed up with waterproof TPU-coated fabric to cover the rest of the exterior – helping to keep all your stuff dry in even the wettest of weather.


  • 6 different ways to open
  • Waterproof TPU-coated fabric and durable Hypalon base
  • Vacuum compression system
  • Waterproof 2-meter main zip
  • Transparent wash bag
  • Magnetic compression straps
  • Side and top grab handles
  • Secret pocket
  • Bottle, laptop, and travel pocket




There are plenty of well-made carry-on bags available, why should I buy GoBag 2?

We have designed the GoBag for the adventure ahead, not the airport. We don’t need wheels where we’re going!

GoBag 2 has many innovative features that are not available on other bags. Such as the Max Pack System that enables you to vacuum compress your gear. or the 2-meter perimeter zip enabling unrivaled access to your gear, with the main compartment able to open 6 different ways.

The GoBag is people who want to pack small and think big.

James Fyfe, GoBag 



In 2013 GOBAG founder James Fyfe searched for a bag that he would be able to take as carry-on all over Europe on cheap flights and was frustrated that he couldn’t take everything he needed as hand luggage. His budget but a functional solution was to pack all his clothes in a bin bag, vacuum the air out, and zip tie the end. He thought “There’s got to be an easier way to do this…” The GOBAG was born.

Two years of sketches, sewing, testing, and refining followed until the GOBAG was launched on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Things moved quickly and GOBAG reached its goal in just a few days and it was eventually 663% funded with almost 2,500 backers from all over the world.

If you are interested in GoBag 2, you can support its Kickstarter campaign right now. It’s set to cost a retail price of $240 and will ship in June 2018.

Designer: James Fyfe




All images and video via Kickstarter/ James Fyfe