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For many years the KNZ Technology has developed speakers for world famous brands. And now they finally come with their own speakers. A portable, unique, fantastic looking product called GoDuo Speakers.


GoDuo Speakers - Unique Pair Of Magnetic Wireless Speakers
GoDuo Speakers are wireless devices. Each speaker can play as an individual stereo speaker when not paired; but when paired, if taken apart (up to 30 ft), they sync with the same music but play as the left channel and right channel respectively.

Traditional wireless stereo speakers have wire between the left unit and the right unit, while our technology enables the pair to work with no visible string attached. Because our speakers are truly wireless, they can cover both big open spaces or small room flexibly with optimized true stereo sound.

You can control music playback like play/pause and skip tracks. Speakers have a built-in microphone so it can be used for personal or conference phone calls, and they have voice prompts to tell you about the status as “power on”, “your device is connected”, etc.

GoDuo Speakers - Unique Pair Of Magnetic Wireless Speakers


GoDuo Speakers are using magnetic connectivity, so you can connect them together and carry them as one, or you can use it separately to get stereo sound. Each speaker is magnetized and can be attached to any iron and steel surfaces.



GoDuo Speakers have a unique look, high-quality polycarbonate shell and metal base, dust and water resistant feature, overall they are a fantastic looking piece of technology you can take with you almost everywhere. Pick one if you want, become a backer on Kickstarter, and help them bring these new products to life.

Designer: KNZ Technology


All images and video via KNZ Technology/Kickstarter