How To Access Toshiba Satellite BIOS (Works For All Toshiba Models)

While Toshiba Satellites and almost all other models from this brand are great laptops, they’re not without their challenges. And sometimes, you need to use BIOS to troubleshoot your laptop.

A computer’s BIOS is one of the most important aspects of it. This tool is what controls how your device starts up and boots. Additionally, it determines which operating system the device will use.

You want to access the BIOS settings on your Toshiba Satellite but can’t remember what key combination you need to enter for the boot menu.

Finding out how to access Toshiba Satellite BIOS (and other models), can be an essential troubleshooting step, but there are plenty of different ways to get the job done. And in this article, you will learn most of them.

F2 – The Toshiba BIOS Key

Toshiba laptops are known for their reliability. But sometimes they need a little help to get through the day. To fix any issues, you can boot your Toshiba laptop into the BIOS setup by pressing a specific key during startup.

If you forgot the key combination to enter the boot menu on your Toshiba Satellite, you can probably find your answer in the manual.

If not, try pressing F2, which is a standard key for accessing Toshiba BIOS.

As an alternative, use the F12 key, which is the Toshiba boot menu key, on startup.

But for most Toshiba models, F2 is the best option because it takes you directly to BIOS.

Use Esc To Enter BIOS on Toshiba Laptop

While F2 and F12 are the most common keys used to enter BIOS on Toshiba laptops, when these keys don’t work, you should try pressing the Esc key for 3 seconds when you turn on your laptop.

To do this, you will be asked to press the F1 key, which will take you to the BIOS menu.

If this doesn’t work, try pressing the Esc key even before you turn on your laptop. The Toshiba laptop should beep to signal an error, and then it asks you to press F1 to get into BIOS.

Enter BIOS From Windows 10

The BIOS settings can influence how the computer operates and how it boots, for instance. If you need to get into the basic input/output system (BIOS) from Windows 10, there are a few ways to do so.

And this method works on any computer or laptop the same way.

STEP 1: Open the Start Menu and click on the Settings app.

STEP 2: Under the Settings find and open the Update & Security option.

STEP 3: In the left side panel, select the Recovery option.

enter bios on Lenovo laptop

STEP 4: Under the Recovery section, scroll down until you find Advanced startup. Then click the Restart now button.

STEP 5: This action will restart your computer and take you to a book options screen.

STEP 6: In the next step, select Troubleshoot and then Advanced options.

STEP 7: After that, go ahead to UEFI Firmware Settings.

STEP 8: Click Restart and your computer or laptop restart again but it takes you directly to BIOS.

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