How to Add the Home Button to Google Chrome

Many users are complaining that Google Chrome doesn’t have the home button like other browsers.

This is not true. Chrome actually features the Home button, but it is not shown by default.

So, the question is… where is the home button on Chrome?

No worries, it is extremely easy to add the home button to Google Chrome, and here is a simple step-by-step guide about this topic.

How to Add the Home Button to Google Chrome


STEP 1: Open the Chrome browser and click the More Options button in the upper right corner.

STEP 2: Find the Settings and click on it.

show home button Chrome
STEP 3: Now you should see the Settings windows. Find the Appearance section. 

STEP 4: To add the Home button to your Chrome toolbar, click the slider next to the Show home button

STEP 5: By default, Chrome will show you a new Tab page at If you wish to customize the function of the Home button, just add the URL.

how to add home button on Chrome
Under the appearance section, find the show home button option and turn it on (Credit: Nechstar)


If done correctly, next time, you click the Home button, you will be redirected to a specific URL.

If you want to hide the Home button on Chrome, go back to the Settings and toggle the Show home button to the off position.



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