How to Add Videos to The Top Of Your Playlist on YouTube

YouTube is an incredible platform full of creative people who are publishing millions of videos every single day. It is also very likely, that you have found a video that is interesting or educational enough that you want to watch it again.

The question is, is there a way to save this video and watch it later?

In fact, it is quite easy, and in this article, we are showing you how to add videos to the playlist and how easy is to add it to the top of the list.

Add Video To Your Playlist

YouTube is making it easy to save any video for later watching. All you need to do is click on the Save button below the video player of the video you are watching and then select any of your playlists. The video will be saved to the selected playlist and you can watch it later.

If you don’t have any playlists, just click on the Create Playlist link, name the list, select if you want to make it private or public and then click on Create.

Add videos to the top of your playlists

Every playlist you create can be customized to sort the recently added videos.

STEP 1: To access these features, go ahead to the left sidebar on your YouTube home page.

STEP 2: Click on your desired playlist.

STEP 3: The Playlist page appears, click on the Three horizontal dots icon.

STEP 4: From the menu, click on the Playlist settings button.

playlist on YouTube

STEP 5: From here, turn on the Add new videos to the top of the playlist option and then click Done.

This way every time you add new videos to the playlist, the video will be added to the top.

Why Should You Have a Playlist on YouTube?

A playlist on YouTube is a collection of videos. You can make them, share them, and friends can add their own to the list.

If you are a YouTuber with your own channel, then a playlist is an important way to group together related videos and make keep your viewers interested in videos around the same topic.

This is a method many YouTubers are using to increase the watch time and session time of their videos.

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