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Be A Wifi Password Breaker – How To Hack Wifi Password On Android In Minutes – Wifi network is a very important part of a smartphone using for wireless connection to the internet.  

More and more apps on your phone need the internet connection and sometimes it happens a situation, that you need access to this application, but you have no internet.

If you need to hack wifi without the program, the best is a wifi hacker app. In this article, we will share with you a best wifi hacker apps for Android and iPhone to help you get out of the no internet situation.

DisclaimerWe won´t be held responsible for any illegal activity. This list of apps and tips is only for informational purpose only. We are not pushing another person to be a wifi password breaker. 

If you want to hack wifi from iPhone or Android, you don´t need to have knowledge about the security of a network.  These wifi password breaking apps will not be successful in robust wireless networks but they can be helpful for cracking home wifi networks. We have to say again – Be a wifi password breaker is illegal.


How to hack wifi password on android – 3 important steps


You need to identify your internet provider

  1. Choose the app for your ISP
  2. After you select the best wifi password breaker for you, simply download it.
  3. Android wifi hack apps work on all the same principle, first, they scan the mobile networks, after you locate the green one, just check if you are able to crack a password.


Wifi hacker app for iPhone


Wifiaudit for iPhone


Wifiaudit For IPhone

It is an easy-to-use program with good results. The Apple store is strictly against these types of apps, so it´s possible that Wifiaudit could be deleted from the store. WiFiAudit Pro helps you generate keys for your network, Analyze your wireless network, generate keys WPA.

Download: Wifiaudit For iPhone for iOS

Wifi Hacker apps for Android


The google store is a better place. There are some apps to hack wifi that we have been testing.


Wifi WPS WPA Tester


Wifi WPS WPA Tester

A very effective wifi password breaker for a simple reason. You need to root permission to hack the WPS networks. Don´t be afraid to root your phone. It is a simple and automatical process, and with the app like KingRoot, you can root your android phone in a few seconds. But consider the fact, that after you root your phone, you can lose the warranty. Use the WPS WPA tester app and connect and target some of the routers that have some vulnerabilities. This is surely one of the best wifi password breaker apps with the best result in the market.

Download: Wifi WPS WPA Tester for Android

WiFi You


WiFi You

A powerful app that collects millions of passwords shared by users. WIFI You store and distribute these passwords from the cloud server to other users. Find the wifi key for all available WiFI networks around you.

Download: WiFi You for Android




AndroDumpper is a little bit different app to the rest of the list, it attacks the WPS protocol like wifislax. This brand new app is very powerful and you can even select from two wifi breaking ways (with root or without).

Download: AndroDumpper for Android

Router Keygen


Router Keygen

Router Keygen is one of the best-known wifi password hacker apps in the Google store. It scans the wireless networks around you and allows you to crack a password for WEP and WPA encryption. If you are in the center of large cities, we will recommend to you using this app. You have a big chance to find a network that is in the big password database of Router Keygen.

Download: Router Keygen for Android

HHG5XX WEP Scanner


HHG5XX WEP Scanner

This app is designed to hack only special routers (Huawei models). If your target is a Huawei model (these types of modems are quite common), you can successfully break a password thanks to the mac2wepkey algorithm.

Download: HHG5XX WEP Scanner for Android

Wireless Cracker


Wireless Cracker

Allows Android users to decrypt password for many types of networks: Discus-XXXXXX, INFINITUMXXXXXX,  Bbox-XXXXXX, DMAXYYYYYY, ThomsonXXXXXX, and Orange.

Download: Wireless Cracker for Android

WPS connect


WPS Connect

An android wifi hacking app that needs a rooted phone. Hack and connect to any password protected wifi network. Download WPS Connect and become a wifi password breaker.

Download: Wifi WPS WPA Tester for Android

Wifi Kill


wifi kill pro

Wifi Kill allows you to kill all devices that are connected to the wifi network. Easily block internet access to other devices on the same network.

Download: Wifi Kill for Android

Network Spoofer


wifi spoofer

One of the best security testing tools available in Goole store. See how difficult or easy it is to crack a wifi network with your Android smartphone.

Download: Network Spoofer for Android



Perhaps you think these apps are unless. You may have the right. But we found another method, also illegal, how to break the password of a wifi network. All you need for this technique is an internet connection, you should know the router name and have a dumb person who has not changed the default wifi password. Read more –  How To Change My Wi-Fi Password – Common Default Router IP Addresses


You want to hack a WiFi network, but you don’t know how.

A majority of the people think that you have to use software programs or dedicated apps to hack into a WiFi network. In fact, a great number of software programs or apps that you download to hack WiFi networks won’t work.

Even apps we mention in the article doesn’t work in most cases. As a result of this, if you really want to hack a WiFi network, you must try a different way.

Here are a few videos where you will learn how to hack WiFi networks by following simple guidelines.


How to crack WPA and WPA2 Wireless Networks





Top Apps To Hack WiFi Password On Android



How to Hack Wifi Password 2019 NEW Free Easy Guide




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