How to Burn an M4A to an Audio CD (Step-by-Step Instructions)

It’s difficult to find information on how to burn an M4A song to an audio CD.

You’re spending hours hunting through forums and YouTube looking for answers and it’s still not clear if this is possible with M4A files. You’re convinced it is, but the answers are unclear.

The problem is that there are several different types of audio CDs and not all of them support M4A files. You need a high-quality audio CD that supports M4A files, like the Audio CD (CD-DA) format.

That said, if you want to burn M4A files to an audio CD, you need to convert it into the CDA file format. This is the only format that is universally recognized by all CD players.

What is the M4A File Format?

M4A is a type of audio file that may store various types of audio content, such as podcasts and audiobooks. M4A stands for MPEG-4 Audio, which is different from the more common MP3 file format because it has two versions of the same song encoded in it: a lossy version and a lossless version.

Burn an M4A to an Audio CD

Burn an M4A to an Audio CD

If you are using Windows operating system, then burning an M4A to an Audio CD is relatively simple. All you need is a burning mechanic and a blank CD.

STEP 1: Open Windows Media Player.

STEP 2: In the next step, you need to click on the Burn tab to get the Burn List on your screen.

STEP 3: Drag and drop all the M4A music files into the Burn List window.

STEP 4: Insert a blank CD into your CD mechanics.

STEP 5: Click the Start Burn button in the Windows Media Player.

Note: The Windows Media Player will automatically convert the M4A files to the CDA format and then burn them into your CD,

Is M4A Just Audio Format?

Music lovers have been debating the format wars for years. The two formats most often discussed are M4A and MP3, both of which are audio-only file formats. While MP3 has been around longer than M4A and is more widely compatible with personal devices, M4A is a better choice for quality and size when encoded at the same bit rate.

Can an M4A play on any computer?

M4A files are audio files that are encoded using the Advanced Audio Coding or the Apple Lossless Audio Codec. These formats take up less space than MP3s, but they can’t be played on all devices. For example, Android devices don’t support M4A files, but they do support MP3s.

To open and play these files on your Windows and Mac systems, a compatible player is needed.

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