How to Change The Size and Colour Of YouTube Captions or Subtitles

How To Enable Subtitles For Any YouTube Video

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If you like watching videos with captions or subtitles on YouTube, then one of the most useful things you should do is to personalize the font, size, and color of the subtitles.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to enable and customize subtitles on YouTube to get a better watching experience. 

This guide can be also useful if you need to customize your subtitles on smartphones


How To Enable Subtitles For Any YouTube Video

To enable subtitles or captions for every single video, make sure, your browser is allowed to use them. 



STEP 1: Go to YouTube and find the Settings option in the left panel.

STEP 2: Then click on Playback and performance.

STEP 3: Under the Subtitles and Closed Captions section, toggle on both the options: Always show captions and Include auto-generated caption (When Available)

Now you have successfully enabled closed captions, and every video you will watch on YouTube should generate or show you its captions. 


How To Customize Captions On YouTube

Firstly, you should check if your enabled captions are working properly. 

STEP 1: Open any video you want to watch, and click on the CC icon on the lower right edge of the YouTube video player screen.

Note: If the CC icon is grey or not noticeable, then subtitles or captions for this video are not available.

STEP 2: To customize the font, size, or color of the subtitles, click on the Gear icon (Settings) in the lower right edge of the YouTube video.

STEP 3: Now, tap on Subtitles/CC and click on the Options.

STEP 4: You will see a menu with a lot of options that allow you to customize current subtitles. Now you can change the default font, the color of the font or background, opacity, and more.

STEP 5: If you don’t like the changes you have done, just use the Reset option to get back the default look of your subtitles.


How To Customize Captions On Android And iPhone

Enabling captions on both iPhone and Android devices is relatively easy. Here is how easy it is.

STEP 1: Open any video on YouTube and tap on the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner. 

STEP 2: Click on the CC icon or Captions option, in the menu.

STEP 3: You will see different caption styles. Choose the type of captioning you like. 

STEP 4: Tap on the style you like to Apply.


Important: These styles are pre-generated. If you want to create your own caption style, don´t choose any of these styles, click on Custom instead. Now, you should modify the captions to your preference.


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