How to Change The Name And Password Of A Wireless Network

Why should you change your default Wi-Fi network’s name and password?

Because a compromised router can spy on you. 

Most gateway routers used by home customers are probably not secure, and some routers are so vulnerable to attack that they should be thrown out.

Routers are an essential part of modern computer networking, but only a few home users realize they are also computers, with their own operating system, software, and problems.

Do you know that many people don’t change the password they get from the internet provider? 

We want to help you with this step.

It is an easy step into your home security, yet incredibly important. 

What Is an IP Address

The home broadband routers have two IP addresses – one for connecting outside to the internet and one for communicating inside the home network.

Your internet provider supplies a public IP address for the outside connection.

The private IP address used for the local network is operated by the home network admin and has a default setting which is depending on the brand and model of the router.

Internet providers supply a public IP address for the outside connection; the number assigned depends fully on the provider and has no one default value.

If you want to change the password for your home network, you should know the model and brand of the modem or router.

All the information is on the device or in the manual. Then just type the router info in the browser and the manufacturer will show you the default local IP address also called the default gateway address.

Easy? Yes, it is.

Now, you have all you need to change the network name and password.

How to Change the Default Router Password

Change the Default Router Password

The next step is the change of the username and password in the router’s browser interface because the default should be changed.

Common usernames include variations of admin, administrator, and the password is often admin, password, or simply left blank. It is good practice to change these. Some routers include these credentials on the bottom.

Directions vary by make and model of router. The steps that follow are general. If executed right, they will wipe all of your router’s configuration settings and get the router to its factory defaults. 

  • Enter the IP address of your router
  • Enter the default administrator login name and the default administrator password
  • Change the router’s admin password – look for the security setting page and change the administrator credentials.

Can’t Find the Router’s IP Address?

Sometimes you have a bad day. You typing the combinations of 192.168.x.x. but it doesn’t work.

We all have been there.

When that happens, you can find the information with a simple command on Windows. Open the command prompt (Start > Search for cmd) and then enter this simple command – ipconfig.

The address you need to know is in the line called Default Gateway — it will often begin with 192.168.

This is the best method to see your router’s IP address, but if you have some issues finding the address, use the list of common default IP addresses we show you in this article.

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Network’s Name and Password

This method may vary with different routers but in most common cases, for changing your Wi-Fi name and password, you can use these few steps:

  • Login to the router homepage with the router´s IP address 
  • Find the Wireless panel in the Administrative Settings tab.
  • You should see a different type of Options related to WiFi.
  • In this section, you need to change the SSID name for your home WiFi.
  • Select the password protection type WEP, WEP2 or WPA2 and choose a strong password and click on save.

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