How To Compress PDF File Size for Free

When sending a PDF document, there’s always a fear it will be too large. Sometimes PDFs can weigh in at a few megabytes, which would be annoying if you were trying to send lots of files at once, or send lots of files to someone with a slower internet connection.

But what if you still need to share a PDF document with another person? Is there a way to compress PDF file size?

Luckily, you don’t need to worry because there are ways around this. You can shrink the size of your PDF document so it doesn’t take up so much memory on your computer, it can be emailed, or uploaded to a cloud-based storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive.

In this guide, I will show you a simple method to compress any PDF file size on a Windows computer, and not only a computer with this operating system. This method works also on Mac or any smartphone.

How To Compress PDF File Size For Free

So, let’s go to Windows and just take a look at the PDF file here. When I right-click the file and then select Properties, it will show me the overall file size of this PDF.

As you can see, this PDF has around 500 kilobytes, so let’s compress it.

STEP 1: Open your browser and search for a free online service called IlovePDF. This is my favorite tool that I’m using every time I need to do something with my PDF files.

STEP 2: Click on the upload button and then find the PDF file on your computer.

How To Compress PDF File Size

STEP 3: After you upload the file, you get three compression options. If you want to compress the PDF file without losing quality then use the Less compression.

For this purpose, I will use the Recommended Compression.

Reduce PDF File Size

STEP 4: Click on the Compress PDF button.

STEP 5: Once complete, download the file to your computer.

When I right-click the PDF file now, then you can see that the size is slightly under 200 kilobytes.

This free tool made the PDF file more than 50% smaller, which is great.


Does reducing PDF file size reduce quality?

When you compress PDF files. you will always lose a little bit of quality mainly on pictures you have in this PDF. However, there are online tools that is allowing you to choose the DPI quality of the PDF file, so choose the highest DPI it gets to maintain the highest possible document quality.

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