How to Convert Bin to EXE In Windows 10 (The Easiest Way)

How to Convert Bin to EXE in Windows 10

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A Bin file is a copy of data stored on a physical disk. File with Bin extension contains mostly elements important to install a program to your computer.

Bin files are often found as CD/DVD backups similar to ISO.

If you want to for some reason convert Bin to EXE in Windows 10, it simply means, you need to unzip (open) it and help your computer to read the files stored in Bin individually.

The easiest way to convert Bin to EXE is by using bin mounting programs that are capable to open these files from CD or DVD discs and convert them to files that can be easily read on your computer (including specific .exe files).

With a free mounting sofware such as DAEMON Tools, you can easily run an .EXE file stored on any Bin image.

Convert Bin to EXE with DAEMON Tools

STEP 1: Open the DAEMON tools and left-click the Quick mount icon in the lower-left corner.

Daemon tools convert bin to exe

STEP 2: A new windows will appear, browse you disk until you find the Bin file.

STEP 3: After you mount the Bin file, you can easily open the disk and see all the files.

STEP 4: You can easily extract all the files, or just choose a specific item you want to extract.

STEP 5: In the next step, you need to click on the Extract or Mount button, and select the destination where will be the converted files saved on your computer.

STEP 6: Click Save or Extract (it depends on the mounting program you are using). This action will start the conversion.

Dozens of completely different file formats are stored as .bin files and it might very well be possible that some can be compiled to executables (.exe files).

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