How to Copy and Paste Without the Mouse on Windows

Windows users don’t always have to rely on the mouse for copying and pasting text – instead, you can use keyboard shortcuts or mouse keys!

They’re great tools that will make your workflow much smoother, whether it’s a text editor or navigating without a mouse.

Therefore, if you wish to learn something new, this article will show you how to copy and paste without the mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Copy and Paste Without the Mouse

Keyboard shortcuts are the quickest and simplest way to copy and paste the text.

Here’s how to use them:

STEP 1: Position the cursor. To start, get your cursor to the start of the text you intend to copy. Easily navigate with arrows to the beginning or end of your desired text.

STEP 2: To select the text, start by pressing and holding the “Shift” key and then using the arrow keys to highlight what you want to copy. Make sure to keep the “Shift” key pressed while you do your selection.

STEP 3: Copy the text – all you have to do is select it, then press and hold “Ctrl” while pressing “C”. This will transfer the chosen text to your computer’s clipboard.

STEP 4: Paste the text – To paste a copied piece of text, simply use the arrow keys to move the cursor to its desired position, then hold down “Ctrl” while pressing “V”. You’ll find that the content will be added seamlessly at the new location!

Mouse Keys

You can forget about using the mouse altogether if you have the Mouse Keys feature enabled. This nifty feature lets you take complete control of your cursor and navigate it with increased precision, all by using your numeric keypad!

STEP 1: Turn on Mouse Keys: Want to enable Mouse Keys? It’s easy! Just press and hold “Alt”, and “Shift” (on the left side of your keyboard), and press “Num Lock”. You are all set.

STEP 2: Activate the left mouse button: Next, press the “/” key on your keyboard to activate the left mouse button.

STEP 3: Move the cursor: The numeric keypad of your keyboard is handy when you want to enter text or select a particular portion of it. For instance, pressing 8 will shift the cursor toward the top while pressing 2 will help you move it downwards.

STEP 4: Select the text: Press “0” on your keypad and then you’re all set to select text. You can also use the numeric keypad to move the cursor and highlight any text you like.

STEP 5: Release the left mouse button: Once you have chosen the text, simply press the “.” key on the numeric keypad to release the left mouse button.

STEP 6: Copy the text: Copy the text by pressing and holding “Ctrl” and then pressing “C” on your keyboard.

STEP 7: Paste the text: Use your number pad to guide the cursor to where you want it, hit the “5” key to select that spot. Now, press & hold “Ctrl” then press “V” and your text will paste in!


Windows has made text editing easier than ever with the use of keyboard shortcuts and Mouse Keys!

Copying and pasting can now take seconds rather than minutes, letting you move on to other tasks quickly.

Trying out these tools is an easy way to become more efficient and work smarter.

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