How to Create a Shortcut to Windows Update on Windows 10

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  • It is important to check for updates in Windows 10 manually. 
  • But you don’t always need to go to the  Settings app to see available updates.
  • Save time and create a shortcut to Windows Update.
  • You can also pin the Windows Update option to the Start Menu.


Window 10 is designed to check for updates manually. While you can disable automatic updates, it is much better to leave this feature enabled. 

Sometimes you need to check for updates in Windows 10 but won’t go all the way through to the Updates and Security window to see if you have installed the latest updates. 

For people like you, for PC users who want to save time, there is a way to create a shortcut to open the Windows Update page with one click. And it’s quite easy to do so. 

Pin Windows Update to Start Menu

How do I pin Windows Update to the Start menu? If you ask yourself this question, you should know that pinning the Windows Update into the Start Menu is an easy process that can handle even a beginner.



STEP 1: Go to the Start Menu and open the Settings panel.

STEP 2: Go to Update & Security and then right-click on the Windows Update option in the left panel. 

STEP 3: Next, select the Pin to Start option.


How to Pin Windows Update to Start Menu
How do I pin Windows Update to the Start menu? Don’t worry, it is really simple / Credit: Nechstar (click to zoom)


STEP 4: You should see a new window, where the system verifies you want to pin the Windows Update link to the Start Menu. Click Yes


Create Desktop Shortcut to Windows Update on Windows 10

Another, but little difficult way, is to create a desktop shortcut. Such a shortcut allows you to get to the Update screen with one click. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create the shortcut.


STEP 1: Right-click an empty area on your desktop screen and choose New and Shortcut options. This action will open a Create Shortcut screen.

STEP 2: In the next step, you need to enter the following Universal Resource Identifier (URI) and click the Next button.

Insert this URI into the empty field: ms-settings:windowsupdate


how to open windows update
Adding the ms-settings:windowsupdate command in the empty field is the way how to open Windows Update screen. / Credit: Nechstar (click to zoom)


STEP 3: Now, choose the name of your shortcut, and type it in the empty field. Note: To make things simple, name the shortcut Windows Update.


Desktop Shortcut to Windows Update
You can name the new shortcut for Windows Update however you want. To make it easier, name it Windows Update. Credit: Nechstar (click to zoom)


STEP 4: Click the Finish button. 

STEP 5: Now you will see this new shortcut on your desktop. Double click the shortcut to see if it really opens the page you have specified.


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