How to Disable the News and Interests Widget on Windows 10

With the release of a new update, Windows 10 comes with a new and annoying feature. At least for me.

We are talking about the new News and Interests widget, a widget that is a part of the taskbar now.

Luckily, it is easy to disable it.

The new Weather and News widget are located next to the clock and notification area and when you select the widget, it opens a panel with more weather info, news, sports scores, stocks, and more.

If you are not interested in seeing the weather and news widget that is powered by Bing on your taskbar, here is a simple guide on how to get rid of it.

How to Disable the News and Interests Widget on Windows 10 Taskbar

STEP 1: First, right click on the blank area on the taskbar.

STEP 2: From the menu, select News and Interests and then click the Turn Off option from the submenu.

News and Interests Widget on WIndows 10
Annoying. Disturbing. But easy to disable. This is the news and interests widget.

STEP 3: That´s all you need to do. The widget is now disabled and you cannot see it in your taskbar.

NOTE: If you for some reason, want to bring it back, just open the taskbar menu with right-click on the blank space on your taskbar and select Show Icon and Text.

What’s the News and Interests Widget

With June 2021 update, Microsoft introduces us to the new feature called News and Interests. This is a feed of news similar to Google Discover, and it shows you news and updates weather on your taskbar.

If you hover over the weather icon on the taskbar, it will pop up and display weather, news, stocks, traffic, and more.

How to Disable the News and Interests Widget
The news and interests widget is a new Windows 10 feature located on the taskbar.

However, Microsoft’s News and Interests feed is far from perfect and it’s plagued with numerous quality issues.

And many Windows 10 users already hate this feature. It is annoying, takes a lot of space on the taskbar, and is powered by Bing. In other words, people hate when Microsoft forces their advertising.

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