How To Enable Dark Mode On The New Facebook (Desktop Guide)

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After months of testing, Facebook launched its new desktop interface. A completely new redesign FB5, also known as the New Facebook, a much-needed shift in how Facebook works and looks on mobile and desktop.

And it comes with dark mode. A hugely popular feature that makes it easier for you to enjoy apps at night.

Facebook is offering users the option to manually switch to the new Facebook interface and while doing that it also asks you to enable the dark mode.

However, there are many users who didn’t accept the dark mode while activating the new interface.

For these people, we create a simple guide on how to enable dark mode for the new Facebook on desktop.

How To Activate The New Facebook And Enable Dark Mode (On Desktop)

STEP 1: Go to on your browser and click on the menu icon (the down arrow) at the top right corner.

STEP 2: Scroll down and click on the Switch to New Facebook option.


How to enable the new Facebook with dark mode
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STEP 3: Tap the Next button in the welcome popup.

STEP 4: Select the Dark option and click the Get started button.

Dark Mode On The New Facebook
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Let’s assume, you did choose the all-white version when you switched to New Facebook for the first time. Then for you is the fifth step:

STEP 5: Click on the menu icon (the down arrow) and enable the Dark mode toggle.


How To Turn Off Dark Mode And Switch Back To Old Facebook

Don’t like the New Facebook? You still have the option to switch back to the Classic Facebook.

All you need to do is to click on the menu icon (the down arrow), scroll down and click on the Switch to Classic Facebook option.



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