How to Fix Vibrating Audio Speakers

It seems like every time you turn on the TV, your audio speakers are rattling out of control. You can hear the vibrations echoing through the walls and it’s driving you mad!

This is a huge problem for people who are sensitive to sound, but also for those who just want to enjoy their TV in peace.

You perhaps know how the vibrating speakers are annoying, distracting, and sometimes painful.

If you’re tired of the frustrating sound waves coming from your speakers, it’s time to take action.

Follow our easy repair guide to diagnose what’s wrong with your speaker setup and what you can do to fix it!

Adjust the Audio Settings and Speaker Mounting

Fix Vibrating Audio Speakers

The first thing to do when experiencing the speaker vibration is to check the audio settings of the speaker. This is because sometimes the vibration can start when the settings have been changed.

Standard sound systems are better at producing sound at louder volumes than integrated ones on TVs, computers, or notebooks. However, they are still sensitive.

Try to lower the volume, adjust the bass, play with fade settings and sound balance. It sounds easy, but it may stop the vibration of your speakers.

Another thing you should do is to check if your speakers are not dirty, because grit and dust may be damaging this sensitive equipment.

To finish it off, make sure the speakers are securely mounted to stands. In some cases, the vibrations can happen when the screws or panels that hold speakers in place aren’t tight enough.

To prevent this from happening, try securing your wall-mounted speakers to a plastic foam with some double-sided tape so it won’t vibrate and make contact with surrounding materials.

Car Speakers Rattle With Bass

If you are in your car and the speakers rattle with the bass, then there may be a few causes.

If the vibration occurs when driving but not when the car is parked, it may be due to poor roads or an object in the door compartments if the speakers are on that side of the vehicle.

If adjusting the audio settings and mounting the speakers doesn’t help with the rattle, try adding some vibration dampeners near them.

If you install these specially shaped foam panels in several places, it may be possible for this to stop the vibrations and movements inside your car. This would prevent any unnecessary movement of the speaker, which might cause them to rattle or vibrate.

Your Speaker is Blown

While we have an entire article that will explain to you how to check if your speaker is blown, here’s what you should do in a nutshell.

A great way to check for a blown speaker is to play songs that will test it. We have a list of best songs to test your speakers, so use any of these songs and listen for fuzzy sounds or popping noise.

It might also sound muddy or like the sound is coming through static.

Disconnect it from its power source and remove it from its mount, then carefully remove the front cover to find the bare speaker.

One of the most common problems with a blown speaker is a tear in its audio cone. If this is the case, try removing and reinstalling the speaker to correct the issue.

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