How to Get 600×600 Pixel Picture With The Quality for Official Documents

One of the basic requirements for a document application is a correct size of a passport photo. If you are from the United States or India, you need a 600×600 pixels photo for passport, visa, and ID photo.

This is the common size requirement for photos used in official documents in these countries.

Resizing your photo to 600×600 pixels is relatively easy but you have to always pay attention to the image quality and pixelation to meet standards of official requirements.

There are tons of online programs and desktop software that will help you change a picture to 600×600 pixels.

Let’s take a closer look at different ways to resize your photo and get high-quality results.

Passport Photos Dimension

In the United States and India, the image dimensions must be in a square aspect ratio (the height must be equal to the width). Minimum acceptable dimensions are 600×600 pixels (2×2 inch, or 5×5 cm) and maximum acceptable dimensions are 1200×1200 pixels.

There are also other important requirements for a passport photo. The photo needs to be in JPEG format, in 300 DPI resolution, and in color at 24 bits per pixel.

But how to get a 600×600 pixel picture with the quality for official documents?

In fact, it is relatively simple to get such a picture size.

Use Online Photo Resizer

While the state department does have a free photo tool, where you can upload a picture directly from your computer, and the tool will crop the picture to the 600×600 pixel size, you can use any other resizer you find online.

Online tools such as ResizePictures, 123PassportPhoto,, or VisaFoto work on the same principle. You open the program, upload your photo and use the cropping and resizing directions until you get 600×600 pixel size.

In just a few seconds, you should see the result and get the option to save the new resized photo to your computer.

Use Photo Editing Software

If you are using any photo editing software on your computer, you know how simple is to resize an image without losing its quality. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best programs you can have, but it is a paid tool.

Luckily, there are also free alternatives like GIMP, Photopea, Pixlr, and other similar programs that will resize your picture in a few steps.

Since the resizing process is quite similar in these programs, I will show you how to do it in Photoshop.

STEP 1: In Adobe Photoshop, open the image you want to resize, click the crop tool in the left panel if your image is not square.

how to change a picture to 600x600 pixels
Use cropping tool in Photoshop to get only a face from the picture. (Credit: Nechstar)

STEP 2: In the next step, you need to crop it until you get only your face. Hit Enter.

STEP 3: Now, go to the Image section in the menu and find the Image size option.

STEP 4: Find the pixel dimensions and set the sizing to 600×600.

STEP 5: Set the Resolution to 300 DPI.

resize image to 600x600 pixels online
Resize the photo to 600×600 pixel size and change the resolution to 300 DPI (Credit: Nechstar)

STEP 6: Click OK and Save the image as a JPEG file to your computer.

As I´ve already mentioned, the process is very similar in other editing programs too.

I hope this guide was helpful and if you have any questions, use the comment section under the article.

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