How to Make a Second Facebook Account

Is it possible to create a second Facebook account without getting into trouble?

Facebook has become such a huge part of our lives that it’s often hard to imagine life without it.

It is an addicting service. But it’s also become time-consuming and cumbersome to manage.

It’s not easy to create content on multiple devices simultaneously, some information is always lost in translation, and it can be difficult to avoid clicking some of the less savory “suggestions” that pop up in the news feed.

Creating more than one Facebook account can be tricky.

Facebook is always watching.

They’re trying to stop you from running two accounts by tracking your IP address with cookies, locations you’ve logged in with, and any other way they can think of.

If you’re thinking about making a second Facebook account for your personal or business use, then you can do so as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

How to Make a Second Facebook Account

It is important to know that it’s against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account.

But still… yes. it is possible to make a second Facebook account, but only if you don’t make your account with your real name.

To be honest, getting into trouble has nothing to do with having two Facebook accounts.

Any account you have on the internet can be locked out of a sudden.

You might not be able to get onto your email, Facebook, or any other website. This is due to your account being reported as spam or for having malware on it.

Even if you are using your real name, they can lock you out without warning.

Here are steps to follow when creating a second Facebook account:

STEP 1: Go to Facebook and register for a second account.

STEP 2: Use another email address when you have registered with your first account.

STEP 3: DO NOT use the same credentials when creating a second account.

STEP 4: Click the Sign up button below the form fields. Your account will be validated and an email will be sent to you to confirm your account.

How to Stay Safe with Two Facebook Accounts

create second facebook account

But if you want to use both of your Facebook accounts for a longer time, then there are a few basic guidelines you need to follow.

1) Do not use a clear profile picture of your face on the second account. Use some stock photo or some cartoonish character. Because you don’t want to get recognized with Facebook bots that are designed to recognize faces.

2) When opening the second account, DO NOT use the same birthday, locations, and interests. Your second account should be a little different from the first one.

3) Do not post similar posts on both Facebook accounts.

4) DO NOT mention on Facebook that you have a second account or that this name is not real. Be careful, because bots on Facebook are reading almost everything you are posting or writing.

5) When one of your accounts gets locked, do not panic. It can be just a bug or some mistake. Just wait and do nothing.

6) If your second account is locked, and you get asked for your ID, ignore this. Just face the truth. Your account is gone and it is time to create a new one.

How to Use Two Facebook Accounts on One Android Phone

can I have second Facebook account

When you know how to safely create a second account on Facebook, then you probably ask yourself another question. Can you use two Facebook accounts on one Android device?

The answer is relatively simple. The company actually offers two Facebook apps – the official Facebook app and Facebook Lite.

Just go and install a standard Facebook app from the Google Store and then install the Facebook Lite. This is the simplest way to have two accounts on Facebook running on your Android phone simultaneously.

However, it is important to understand that these two apps are slightly different. The Facebook Lite is the light version of Facebook and doesn’t offer as rich an experience as the main app.

But then it is also lighter, faster on older devices, and consumes fewer data.

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