How to Make a Thumbs-Up in Symbols on the Keyboard

Everyone always seems to be looking for the perfect emoji or keyword to express their thoughts.

In this day and age when we’re pressured with constant deadlines, being able to give proper feedback in a timely manner is essential.

When giving feedback on a piece of artwork or a project, the most common way is to use a thumbs up.

But if you don’t know how to make one on your keyboard, and in this article, you will learn everything you need to know.

Make a Thumbs-Up in Symbols on the Keyboard

Emoji is the fastest-growing language in the world. The use of emoji in messaging apps is on the rise, with many people using them more than words.

Simply put, emoji can be seen as an emotional shortcut for conveying feelings in a text conversation.

And one of the most popular emojis is a thumbs-up accepted symbol.

The thumbs-up symbol is a perfect representation of approval. It can be made by wiggling your thumb and index finger up and down repeatedly, by holding your hand out with your palm facing inward, or by using the “ok” sign with two fingers.

And the best is, the thumbs-up symbol is simple to make, regardless of the form you use.

Guide for Typing the Thumbs-Up Symbol in Text

There are multiple methods to type a thumbs-up symbol on Windows operating system. From old school symbols, for just copy and past method.

^ – The caret symbol is a way to represent a thumbs-up symbol. Less popular and more casual, the caret symbol is often used in math. When inserted into a text or email, it means thumbs-up.

(Y) – Another way to type a thumbs-up symbol is by using (Y) in the text. This simply means… go ahead – thumbs-up.

:-bd – You may see this symbol in some messenger programs. By typing a colon, a dash, and a b, and then d, you will create a double thumbs-up.

Alt key and type 128077 – This method works only for Windows for MS Word. To make it happen, enable a numeric keypad on your keyboard by pressing the num lock key. Then press and hold the Alt key and type 128077 on the numeric keyboard. Then release the Alt key.

👍 – The most popular way to create a thumbs-up symbol is to copy and paste it. All you need to do is Google the emoji and copy it from one of the sites. This can be a life-saver as if you need the symbol again you don’t need to retype it from scratch, you can just copy and paste it across.

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