How To Quickly And Easily Update All Android Apps At Once

Smartphones are amazing. They are full of interesting features and each year, there is more and more things that your Android phone can achieve.

But a lot of these incredible features don’t come pre-installed.

In order to get the most out of your smartphone, you’re going to need apps.

For Android users, all of them are available in the Google Play Store. And they are so easy to install.

However, with an increasing number of apps on your phone, you will be forced to update them regularly.

Developers of popular apps are very active and update their apps to provide bug fixes or bring some new features.

That’s normal.

If you are looking for a way on how to quickly and easily update all your Android apps at once, just keep reading this article.

How To Quickly Update All Android Apps At Once

Android OS is known for its benevolent customization. You can customize almost everything to your needs. With updates, you have two main options. You can enable automatic updates or you can do it manually.

If you are tired of tapping on each app, we show you how to update these apps all at once, just with the use of one button. NOTE: It is better to be connected to a Wi-Fi network instead of mobile data. You will save a lot of your data (and money) this way.


Step 1

Open Google Play Store on your Android device.


Step 2

Tap on the menu icon (three vertical lines) in the top left corner.


Step 3

Click on My Apps & Games.


Step 4

Tap on the Updates tab.


Step 5

You should see the list of apps that need to be updated. Click on the Update All button.

Update All Android Apps

Should You Update Apps On Android Every Single Time?

Well, this is a good question. In fact, there isn’t a definite answer as it is a matter of personal choice.

If you ask us, we hit the update button almost every time we see that update is available.

Sometimes updates may introduce new features, and mostly they are fixing plenty of bugs and errors.

However, there is still a dual-sided answer:

YES, you should update apps on your Android device if:

  • They contain any bugs in previous versions.
  • They have added some new features.
  • If you really use that app regularly.
  • For security reasons. For example, keeping WhatsApp up-to-date means you are protecting your personal information against hackers.


NO, you should not apps on your Android device if:

  • You never faced any problem with your app and it’s working fine.
  • When no features are added.
  • If you never use the apps but still you keep them.


Main photo by William Hook