How to Restore Deleted Drivers on Windows 10 (3 Easy Ways)

For the proper functioning of the hardware of your computer, Windows 10 requires drivers.

While updating to the latest drivers is always recommended, it doesn’t always end up well.

You can install the drives in many ways… from manufacturers’ websites, through Windows Update, or with a driver installer tool.

But sometimes, a driver update fails or the newly installed driver doesn’t work with the hardware, or even crashes your PC.

Luckily, when the new driver doesn’t work on your computer, you can restore it to the previous version, which can fix the problem.

Here are a few ways to restore deleted or broken drivers on Windows 10.

Recover Deleted Drivers with Driver Installer Tool

Driver Booster

The first and the easiest way to recover deleted drivers is by using tools that are specially designed to find and install the latest drivers. One of the best driver managers on the market is the Driver Booster.

Roll Back or Uninstall The Driver

Another way to fix a broken driver is to uninstall the driver or roll back the previous version from the Device Manager on your computer. Here are the instructions:

STEP 1: Press Windows Key + R to open Run.

STEP 2: Type devmgmt.msc and press OK. This action will open the Device Manager.

STEP 3: Find the device with a malfunctioning driver.

STEP 4: Right-click the device, and select Properties.

STEP 5: Click on the Driver tab.

STEP 6: Click on the Roll Back Driver button if you can.

STEP 7: If the button is grey, and you can´t click on it, then click on Uninstall Device first.

Roll back drivers

STEP 8: Now, you have to restart your computer, because Windows 10 will try to install the device and its driver automatically after the restart.

Recover Deleted Drivers with System Restore

The last way to recover an accidentally uninstalled driver is using the system restore function on your Windows 10 computer. This action will restore your computer to the latest functional pound that has been saved.

STEP 1: Open the Windows search bar and type Restore.

STEP 2: You will see Create a Restore Point option. Click on it.

STEP 3: After the new System Properties window appears, click the System Restore button.

STEP 4: Click on the Choose a different restore point and then click the Next .

Restore Drivers on Windows 10
The last way to recover an accidentally uninstalled driver is using the system restore function on your Windows 10 computer.

STEP 5: Click the Show more restore points box.

STEP 6: Find the Restore Point that was created before you update the driver, and select it.

Restore Deleted Drivers on Windows 10

STEP 7: Click on the Next button and then click on Finish.

STEP 8: Since the System Restore process will usually take a few minutes, you have to wait for it to complete.

After the process is done, it will proceed to restart your computer, and after the restart, you will have your restored system available in front of you.


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