Here’s How To Search For Words In A YouTube Video

Here’s How To Search For Words In A YouTube Video

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  • It’s relatively easy to search for words or phrases across many YouTube videos.
  • You can search within a YouTube platform or use a third-party service.


Have you ever wondering if it’s possible to search within videos on YouTube to find one that contains specific words and phrases? If the answer is yes, then this short article is for you.

Because Google and other search engines do not index the YouTube video captions, you have only two options. Find a word in a specific video on the YouTube platform or use a third-party service or tool.

No worries, you will learn both ways to search for words in the video.

How to Search For Words In A Specific YouTube Video

Each browser has a built-in feature for highlighting a letter, word, or sentence. And you need to learn how to use it if you want to find the exact word in any YouTube video.


Note: This method works only for videos on YouTube that come with captions. Luckily, Youtube has a feature that is adding captions into the videos automatically. However, if you find a video without a caption, this method won’t work.


STEP 1: Go to YouTube and open any video.

STEP 2: Click on the More option (three horizontal dots) beneath the video.

STEP 3: Tap on Open transcript.

STEP 4: You will see a transcript on the right side of the video.

How to Search For Words In A Specific YouTube Video
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STEP 5: Press CTRL + F (or Command + F on a Mac), and a little bar will pop up in the top or bottom corner of the browser.

STEP 6: Then type a letter or word into the bar, and the browser will highlight every letter you have typed.


How To Search For Words In Any YouTube Video

Using a browser highlighting feature is helpful if you know the video that contains a phrase you are looking for. But there can be the situation you need to find a specific part of the tutorial or awesome punchline, but you don’t know which video it was. What now! Use YouGlish.

Important: YouGlish is a great tool, but it doesn’t work on videos with automatically generated captions. It will only find videos on YouTube where the captions have been manually added by its creators.


STEP 1: Go to YouGlish.

STEP 2: Type a word, phrase, or sentence into the search field and click Say it.

STEP 3: YouGlish will find every video that contains the phrase or word. Use the Play and Next controls beneath the video to jump to exact moments where that word or phrase appears.


How To Search For Words In Any YouTube Video
With YouGlish you can search for phrases or words across many YouTube videos. Credit: Nechstar / Click to zoom


Can I Search Through Comments Too?

Have you ever asked yourself, if is there any way to search through comments on YouTube? The answer is YES, you can search for Youtube comments on different videos or channels. And it’s relatively easy to do it. Take a look at this guide: How to perform a keyword search within YouTube comments.


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