How To Share A Link To A Specific Time In A YouTube Video

Did you know that you can link to a specific time in a YouTube video? In this tutorial, we are gonna show you how to link to the important part of any video on YouTube.

YouTube comes with a great feature that lets you share just the part of the video you find most interesting. It lets you send video at a certain time, no matter how long the video is.

This means, that a friend you send the video, will go straight to the timestamp you selected.

Just follow these simple steps which apply to both desktop and mobile users.

How To Share A Link To A Specific Time In A YouTube video


STEP 1: Go to YouTube and find the video you want to share.

STEP 2: Click the Share button beneath the video.

STEP 3: In the popup box, select the box next to Start at.

STEP 4: Now, enter the time you want the video to start at. Please note, if you pressed the share button at the time you want the video to start, the correct time will be already there.

STEP 5: Now, highlight the URL and select Copy on the right.

STEP 6: Paste the timestamped URL anywhere or select any of the social share buttons to share it. Anyone who opens the link will see a video starting from the time you selected.


How To Embed YouTube Video In An Email

Speaking about sharing a YouTube video. Did you know you cannot embed a video from YouTube to an email?

Yes, right.

While you can embed a YouTube video into just about any social media posts, from a Facebook post to Tweet, you can’t embed a video from YouTube into an email.

You just find an interesting video on YouTube and want to share it without your friends by email?

There is a simple solution to this problem. Here’s a simple guide on how to share a YouTube video through email on your computer or Android device.

STEP 1: Go to YouTube and find your desired video. Get a link of the video by clicking the Share button and then by hitting Copy.

STEP 2: Now, open your email and paste the link into the body. You will see a clickable link along with a small thumbnail of the YouTube video displayed.


Sharing the YouTube video via email from Android phones is also very simple.

STEP 1: Just go to YouTube, open a video, and click the Share button beneath it. Select Email from the options.

Important: The YouTube app will use the description of the video into an email subject line, which is easy to edit, and put a link into the body of the email.


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