How to Speed up Google Chrome by Changing These 9 Flags Settings

Chrome flags are a type of experimental feature that has not been released to the public yet. They are hidden from the main Chrome interface and only accessible through the browser’s flags menu.

Chrome flags are very useful for all users who use Chrome. These little flags can be used to customize the browser for different purposes such as boosting battery life, disabling unnecessary permissions, and more.

They can also drastically speed up Google Chrome.

In this article, I want to show you 9 of the best Chrome flags that may help you make your browsing experience faster and easier.

But before I do that, it’s important that you understand and use these features at your own risk. Although they’re not common, they might cause some trouble with your browser.

Speed up Google Chrome by Changing These 9 Flags Settings

speed up Chrome

To access the Google flags page, you simply type this command chrome://flags into the browser’s Omnibox.

GPU Rasterization

Chrome might not use your graphics card to process images and data, but if you have one, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed of Chrome.

The process of rasterization is usually used to create images or web content so they can display properly on your PC. However, Google Chrome uses your CPU power to do this.

If you have a dedicated GPU, you can force rasterization to be always completed by GPU instead. Enabling this feature will be useful for anyone who struggles with slow images on pages they visit.

Override Software Rendering List

If you are experiencing problems with the performance of your browser, you can try to change a few settings. One of the first steps you should do is to enable the Override software rendering list option, which will allow GPU acceleration for everyone who uses Google Chrome. This should without a doubt improve your browsing performance.

Enable lazy image loading

This feature stops all the images on a web page from loading at once. Once you enable it, images will only load when you scroll down and you are near them.

This is a simple yet powerful feature on any website. It is designed to improve the performance of websites and reduce the load time, making it easier for visitors to view the content.

When you enable lazy image loading, then images will only load when you are near them.

Disable Caching of Streaming Media to Disk

Chrome has been a cornerstone in the world of internet browsing and it has come a long way from its humble beginnings, but it still has some issues that need to be resolved. One major issue is the high drain on battery life as a result of some of its functions.

Once you turn off streaming media caching, the browser minimizes system activity during video playback, which can lead to saving power.

Back-Forward Caching

The forward and backward buttons in Chrome give you the power to surf the internet faster. The Chrome browser has a new feature that can help you out called back-forward caching. This feature saves data on your computer and allows you to navigate through websites faster.

Enabling this flag will take full web pages and cache them into your device’s memory so that you can see the web page even without an internet connection.

Enable Smooth Scrolling

speed up Google Chrome

Smooth scrolling is a feature that makes the navigating text more seamless and natural. It is a feature that increases the readability of the content. After enabling this flag, the page will scroll smoothly, and you’ll be easily able to see the content while fast scrolling.

In other words, when you enable this useful flag, scrolling through content will feel more natural and comfortable for you.

Experimental QUIC protocol

QUIC is one of the new protocols designed to improve speed and security on the internet. It is able to increase the loading time by creating a single connection rather than multiple.

This feature is reducing bandwidth, latency, and congestion when establishing a new connection. This flag setting is one of the most experimental on this list, and if you experience any connection issues, you should disable it again.

Parallel Downloading

A common problem when downloading files is that you are downloading the file using a single connection. This flag acts similar to any download manager and is able to speed up the downloading process by creating multiple connections.

If you want to increase your download speed, try to enable parallel downloading which can be incredibly useful if you are used to downloading larger files.

Tab Hover Cards

This flag adds extra information about the tab just by hovering over it. It’s just one of many features that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

The information includes the page’s main title and URL.

This is great for people who manage dozens of tabs at a time. So it can be very difficult to see the tab website name without getting on there. With the help of hover cards, you’ll just need to hover your mouse over a tab to learn which website or page is open.

Final Thoughts

These flags I mentioned on this list are still experimental, but because most of them I’m using myself, I can truly say, they have no negative impact on the performance of my browser.

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