How To Split One Monitor Into Two Screens In Windows 10

  • Windows 10 has a great operating system for multitasking
  • It has even a built-in feature that allows you easily split your screen 
  • The Snap Assist feature is great if you want to split one monitor into two screens

Windows 10 is a great environment for multitasking and if you have a large display, you should definitely run multiple applications at once and see them side-by-side. 

Every version of the Windows 10 operating system has a built-in feature called split screen mode, and in this guide, you´ll learn how to enable split screen mode, also known as Snap Assist and how easy it is to use it for multitasking. 

How To Enable Snap Assist In Windows 10

Snap Assist should be enabled in Windows 10 by default, but if it for some reason isn’t, here is all you need to do.

STEP 1: Open the Settings app, by clicking on the Gear icon on the Start Menu.

STEP 2: Select System.

STEP 3: Select the Multitasking option on the left panel.

STEP 4: Click the toggle under Snap Windows to activate the Snap Assist.

Split One Monitor Into Two Screens
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How To Split One Monitor Into Two Screens

Now, with the split screen mode enabled, choose the window you want to snap to one half of the screen.

STEP 1: Click on the title bar and drag it to one side of the display until the mouse pointer touches the edge. 

STEP 2: If done correctly, you should see a light outline of where the window will appear on the screen.

Note: Alternatively, you can use a shortcut to split the screen even faster. In an active window, press and hold the Windows key and press the Left or Right Arrow key

STEP 3: If you use the mouse instead of a shortcut, then release the mouse button

STEP 4: Now, the window will be snapped to the side of your screen, and on the opposite side, you should see all the other programs you have opened. 

STEP 5: Click any of these programs and Windows will snap it to the other side of the screen.  

STEP 6: By default, Windows is using a 50:50 screen split. To resize the two windows, simply hover the cursor over the dividing line until it becomes two arrows. 

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