How to Trim Video in Windows 10 Without Extra Software

If you want some reason want to trim your video but are not willing to install any additional software, then we have good news.

Windows 10 has a hidden feature that will allow you to trim any video for free.

In this article, we will explain to you how to use the Photos app in Windows 10 to trim videos.

How to Trim Video in Windows 10

The Photos app is a great app for taking and editing photos. It’s built-in to Windows 10, meaning you won’t need to download anything new.

But even many advanced Windows 10 users don’t know that the Photos app can be used as a simple video editor. Follow these steps to learn how to edit a video in this app:

STEP 1: To edit a video file, right-click on the file and then click on Open with and choose the Photos app.

STEP 2: In the next step, you need to select Edit and Create option (Brush/Pencil icon) in the Photo app and then click on Trim.

How do I trim an MP4

NOTE: To use the Trim tool, simply drag two white sliders to select the length of the video you want to keep.

Does Windows 10 have a free video editor

STEP 3: Once you select the portion of the video you want to keep, click the Save and copy option at the upper-right corner of the window.

STEP 4: Give the video file the name you want. This action will save a trimmed version of the video on your hard drive.

We know that this is not the most powerful video editor for Windows 10, but it is free and built-in the operating system. You can do a lot of basic things in a pretty simple interface.


Can I trim an MP4?

With the free and built-in video editor, you can easily trim an MP4 file and also export the trimmed video in the same file format.

Does Windows 10 have a free video editor?

Windows 10 doesn’t have a free video editor, but you can use a built-in Photo app to make basic edits to your videos. Inside the Photo app, you can easily trim the video in a few seconds.

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