How to Unlock a Secured Wi-Fi Connection

How to unlock a router

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A secured wireless router should be a must-have for every home network to prevent other people to access your internet connection.

Locking down a wireless router is a basic security procedure.

But, if you for some season, want to unlock your Wi-Fi connection, you can do that by disabling wireless security in your router settings.

How to Unlock a Wi-Fi Connection

Please note, that the instructions slightly differ from router manufactures to another. We are giving you just a general idea of the process.


Step 1

Access Your Router Interface: Open your web browser and navigate to your router’s address. The most common addresses are ““, “” and ““.

If any of these works for you, consult your router´s manual or check out our article – A List of Common Default Router IP Addresses


Step 2

Enter the admin username and password when asked. The default credentials can be found on the back or bottom of your router. The most common username is “admin“, and the most common default password is “password” or “admin“.


Step 3

After you log in, you will see your router’s admin page. Every manufacturer is different, and the menu will vary slightly, but in most cases, you have to go to select either a “Wireless“, “Wireless Setup“, “Basic Setup” or “Network” tab in the main navigation menu.


Step 4

Sometimes, you need to look under a sub-menu and select “Wireless Security“. But it most scenarios, you can find the setting for your wireless network all on the same page.


Step 5

There will be an option to select a security mode or security type – mostly it is set to “WPA2 Personal“. Select “Open“, “Unsecured” or “Disabled“. Now your router is ready to be used without a password.


Step 6

With the wireless encryption disabled, click “Save” or “Apply” to make the changes take effect.


Step 7

Your router is now unlocked, and accessible for everyone without a need to type a password.


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TP-Link Archer C2300 router
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Linksys AC2200 Max-Stream
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Nechstar has affiliate partnerships (including Amazon). These do not influence editorial content, though Nechstar may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy. Please note, if we mention a price, discount or a special deal, this was valid at the time of posting the article. Since then, prices have probably changed.

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