The iPhone Charging Hat

What if we told you that a hat could charge your iPhone? The iPhone Charging Hat. Yeah, so, let’s check it out. So if you guys are new around here, we like to check out some of the coolest and craziest techs that are able to improve your life.

We found this hat that could charge your iPhone, which we were just like “Woah, hold up. We gotta check this out.”

It goes for $55, the link’s below and it comes in a bunch of different colors. Just because when you’re dealing with fashion, wearables, colors do matter, because lit’s on your body. It’s not a phone where it goes in your pocket. So, it comes in a few different colors.

How the iPhone Charging Hat Works

How this works is there’s a solar panel on the brim and, well, one thing leads to another, the sun hits the hat, you can use the USB port on the side of your hat which sounds so crazy to say, and it essentially will charge your phone. We’re gonna go test it out in a bit, but we wanna talk a little bit more about the hat here.

Is the hat heavy? Just because, when you have this on your head, it matters. If the hat is too heavy, your head’s gonna notice, you’re probably gonna get a headache, and you’re just not going to want to wear it. And when you’re spending $55, that’s kind of expensive. That’s just something to take into account, and we mean, if it actually works, who really cares? Your phone’s charging on the go. Now there’s the USB port on the side which is just crazy because you basically just take your USB cord that you get with any phone, you plug it in, and then from there, plug it into your phone. Let the sun hit it. One thing leads to another, your phone’s charging. And then you get to look like this. Isn’t that kinda weird?

We don’t know.

It’s gonna take us forever to get used to it, but before we go outside and actually see how it works, it comes with this little info booklet and it tells you what “good sun” and charging is about and what “bad sun” and charging is about. We didn’t know the sun was good and bad, so that’s just interesting. What we are kind of shocked is, at least in the bad part, “any activity requiring frequent changes of direction.” So pretty much don’t move. That’s what they want. So we are gonna sit on a park bench for an hour, see how much juice this hat is going to give the iPhone, and just ultimately see if this is something you guys need.

So, let’s go get some sun! Just got to the park with the hat. Pretty ready for this.

Smartphone Sun Charger


We had the phone sitting on a park bench for an hour and we were able to charge the iPhone 6 from 20% to 29%, and on the little info booklet here, it says that it’s not gonna charge at the same speed as your standard wall, which is to be expected. The wall has a constant current, it’s super strong. The sun, it’s a little bit different when you’re talking about solar technology. But an hour in the sun, only to get 9% battery? What, are you serious, it’s like, no. That is not good.

It’s just one of those weird things that for $70, totally not worth it. Maybe if you were in an emergency, we will say these hats are worth it. Because then, there’s gonna be no electricity, the sun’s hopefully gonna still be shining, and this is all we’re gonna have to charge our phone. But for $70, this is totally not worth it. You are better off spending like $10 on one of those cheap battery packs, and using the other $60 to buy a killer bandana for a festival, a bucket hat, another flat-brim hat that doesn’t weigh a thousand pounds. Just save your money, that’s all we are trying to say here. But if you want to see more about SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger – The iPhone Charging Hat then click on the button below.

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