J-Pillow Travel Headrest Pillow – Finally, a way to sleep on long flights

Are you looking for perfect airplane sleeping pillow? So, then you will absolutely love this travel headrest pillow. Extremely flexible, supportive, and comfortable for both plane and bus travel.

The one part of it fits under the chin, not only supporting it and keeping the mouth closed, but the chin support keeps the whole pillow in place so you can lean the side of your head in the lushness of another part of the pillow without needing the support of a cabin wall, a seat mate’s shoulder, etc.
The material is very soft and comfortable. It provides consistent comfort and variety which makes a 14-hour flight seem much more comfortable.

It is a simple, yet elegant design which cradles your head and neck in which ever way you move it to fit your comfort positions. Once you figure it out and find your sweet spot, it is superior to regular travel headrest pillows. 
J-Pillow Travel Headrest Pillow. No more neck cramps!!





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