Are Jisoncase Leather Cases Worth Buying

Are Jisoncase Leather Cases Worth Buying

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You spend hundreds of dollars on a new Apple smartphone or tablet, so why not invest a little more in order to ensure it does not get broken or scratched. You might think that cases are only for people who care about keeping their devices untouched, but there’s more to it than that. While it is best not to drop or toss any electronic device, accidents do happen.

Lowering the risk of permanent damage to either the screen or function definitely saves money in the long term.

Is the leather case worth the high price?

The first thing to find out is how tough you need your case to be. If you are careful and just want basic or mediocre protection, then a leather protective case is right for you. But is the leather case worth the price? In short, yes. Leather cases are mostly incredibly good. They provide superior protection to the phone/tablet when dropped or mishandled and they look amazing.

While brands like Benuo, Shieldon, or FlyHawk are well-known but have you ever heard about Jisoncase?

I recently tried to find a case for my girlfriend´s new iPhone and I saw this brand when I set a search filter and Jisoncase cases were among 4 results on the first page of my Amazon search. So I came across this band and the reviews seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. So I did a little research.

What Is Jisoncase

Jisoncase logoFounded in 2001, Jisoncase is a Chinese company that is manufacturing accessories for smartphones and tablets. They are focusing on leather cases and watch bands mostly for Apple products. This is what they wrote on their official website – See more… 

Let´s take a closer look at some of their products.

Jisoncase iPhone 7 Leather Case

JisonCase iPhone 7

One of the bestselling products from this brand. The case is cheaper than the official Apple leather case and with over 200 reviews (positive in most cases). The Jisoncase iPhone 7 is ideal for inept people, it’s durable, protective, and what´s more, it looks beautiful. The drawback according to me, it the visible brand name on the back of the case. I don’t like this, but this is only my opinion.


➤ Jisoncase IPhone 7 Leather Case

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Jisoncase JS-AW4-06A20 Leather Wristband

Jisoncase JS-AW4-06A20 Leather Wristband

This wristband for Apple Watch is made of durable genuine leather. Even with a price of around $20 (in time I reviewed it) you can feel the quality. By the way, Apple is selling leather bands on their official site – for $149. WTF. You can buy tons of these wristbands. The JS-AW4-06A20 is crafted from a top layer of cow leather with natural texture and smell. According to verified buyers, the band fits perfectly and locks securely, and the leather is comfortable even for a whole day of wearing. It seems you can get an Apple quality for a low price.


➤ Jisoncase JS-AW4-06A20

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Jisoncase Leather Smart Cover for iPad Pro

Jisoncase Leather Smart Cover

Last but not least, I found an interesting cover specially designed for the iPad Pro 10.5 inch tablet. Made from quality and soft leather material, this cover has a built-in stand with several angels to provide you more comfort in different positions. A nice idea is the pencil slot which prevents the pencil to be lost or scratched. The drawback. The cover is made only for 10.5 inch iPad Pro and will not fit on other tablets. If you are the proud owner of the mentioned gadget, you get a quality protecting cover with an ability to automatically wake or put your unit to sleep when the lid is closed or open.


➤ Jisoncase Leather Smart Cover For IPad Pro

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Choosing the right case that offers the best protection at an affordable cost starts with understanding your products and how you use it. This is very important. But… Cases are subjective. Some people like a heavy protective case against any catastrophe, some users love the light but fashionable design.

To be honest, I didn’t buy a Jisoncase for my girlfriend, and this is not a PR promo, only reasoning about a possible good alternative to the expensive (official) Apple accessories. The products from Jisoncase cost three/four/five times less and offers the same protection and looks and feels great too.

It’s up to you to believe me, but I always recommend to read reviews of the cases you are interested in. Even if you can’t find a review for your specific phone model, other reviews for the same manufacturer will give you a general sense of the quality.


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