Kalium Sound Heroes – Humanoid Bluetooth Speaker You Should See

Speakers in these days should not only have great sound but also looks good. No matter it is placed at home or taken around with you, having a cool looking is always required. The Sound Heroes by Kalium Labs look good. No, wait. They look great. NO, they look different. That´s right. The Sound Heroes Bluetooth speakers stand outside the crowd.Kalium Sound Heroes - Humanoid Bluetooth Speaker You Should See

Kalium Sound Heroes are the most futuristic Bluetooth speakers that have ever existed. Every angle of our speaker is polished manually giving it a polygonal design complemented with sharp edges. It’s also a wireless charging dock for your phone, a wi-fi range extender, and a subwoofer.

With a unique polygonal design, the speakers are made from ABS plastic to be light and are enhanced with premium matte and metallic paints, available in 10 colors.

Each color is applied using a three-step process for a long-lasting and resistant finish. The process includes a white base layer, multiple layers of our custom-blended colors, and a 30% thick UV layer for an ultra-durable finish. Every sound hero has a rich stunning hue that grabs the attention of everyone in the room.

Kalium Sound Heroes are not the usual Bluetooth speakers. They offer wireless charging of any device that has this feature integrated. Another great feature is a custom colored ambiance, with over than 16 million variations. Set it up, hit the play button and get immersed, or impress your friends by using the smoke machine feature. It is water based, rechargeable and looks awesome.

Kalium Sound Heroes - Humanoid Bluetooth Speaker You Should See

The Kalium Sound Heroes app

Easily integrate your K-Sound Heroes speaker with your smartphone or tablet to get additional features:

  • Use it to set up your speaker as an alarm clock.
  • Change the ambient light colors and intensity to create your own atmosphere.
  • Make your K-sound Heroes talk with a different voice synthesizer.
  • Build your army by pairing up to 12 K-Sound Heroes.
  • Be part of the community by interacting with other Sound Heroes users.
  • Unlock new features by playing the Sound Hero game.




What do you think? Kalium Sound Heroes are running an Indiegogo campaign and you can pre-order these Bluetooth speakers for a $100.

Designer: Kalium Labs

All images via Kalium Labs/Indiegogo