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When you get a new camera, it came with straps, usually a neck strap. But these are hardly the best camera strap options.

You should always get something more comfortable and practical. In fact, buying a camera strap doesn’t have to be expensive. There are good straps even under $20, and these are still better than the one that you get with the new camera.

If you are looking for a strap that is well-designed, comfortable and durable, perhaps we found something for you.

KUVRD Universal Camera Strap is billed as the most versatile camera strap available, built and tested just for you.

No matter your style, subject or setting, this strap will perform admirably and works with any classic and current camera.

And as a bonus, the KUVRD strap comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Universal Camera Strap does have a warranty. In fact, a lifetime warranty! For as long as you own the product, you’re 100% insured against defects in material and workmanship.


KUVRD Universal Camera Strap With Lifetime Warranty

KUVRD Universal Camera Strap


KUVRD Universal Camera Strap With Lifetime Warranty / Image credit: KUVRD


KUVRD Universal Camera Strap – Key Features:

  • Dual-sided strap – choose between silky smooth or sturdy grip
  • Tessallating paddles – adjust from either side of the strap
  • Hard anodized aluminum – can hold any camera load, withstand any element
  • Gyrating swivels – 360-degree rotation, never tangled, never strained
  • Universal fasteners – instantly connect and disconnect


The crowdfunding campaign for the Universal Camera Strap is ongoing on Kickstarter. Back the KUVRD campaign for $55, it will be shipped in January 2020.


Designer: KUVRD



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All images and video credit: KUVRD


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