KUVRD Universal Lens Cap Protects Any DSLR Camera Lens From Water And Dust

Made from rubber, KUVRD Universal Lens Cap is designed to protect your lenses from various elements including water, dirt, and even minor drops. This is a short explanation about recent crowdfunding project we thought you would like.

ULC by KUVRD for DSLR Camera

The Universal Lens Cap is really able to protect any DSLR camera lens in a plenty of ways your standard caps can’t. These caps making them waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, and scratch-proof. They can be stretches back over the barrel of the lens so you can not only protect the glass, you are protecting the barrel as well.

Here’s a quick video intro


The secure fit and exterior coating of the Universal Lens Caps keeps your lenses zip-locked and safe from water and humidity. It also prevents small dust and finely grained sand from entering any cracks in the lens. The cap also absorbs most blunt-force trauma that could occur on both the front and exterior sides of the lens.


Features of Universal Lens Cap

  • Fits every lens
  • Never falls off/never lose it again
  • Waterproof, dirt-proof, shock-absorbent
  • Multifunctional
  • Fits into any space

Universal Lens Cap For DSLR camera

KUVRD is seeking to fund its project on Kickstarter, where it has quickly reached its funding goal. Backers who pledge $30 get one, for two Universal Lens Caps you should pledge $45. Shipments will be available globally and are expected to start in March 2018.

Designer: KUVRD
All images and video via KUVRD 



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