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Gimbals are fantastic. They are relatively easy to figure out, exciting to use and they improve your filmmaking style. What´s more, you can seriously add tons of production value at low cost to your gear kit, just by adding a gimbal.

In general, gimbal stabilizers play a big role in improving the quality of videos you take. Even the cheapest model can make smoother shots than just the camera alone. Without hesitation, if you feel you want to take your video quality to a new level, you have to invest in a good stabilizer.

It doesn’t matter if you are using DSLR camera, GoPro or phone, the Kylin M can balance them all.

Kylin M

The Kylin M is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with a single rotatable handle designed to provide better, smoother and easiest video stabilization. The 3-axis technology is designed to balance the camera in real time and effectively eliminates video shakes and blurs caused by movements.

This gimbal stabilizer comes with 2 handling modes which give users various angle to make more creative shots.

THE STRAIGHT HOLDING MODE: Great for high and medium angle filming

THE CARRY MODE: Ideal for low angle filming


Kylin M 3-axis gimbal stabilizer


Kylin M is ideal for a broad range of filming projects including wedding videography, microfilming, music video shoots, sports filming and so much more.

Key Features


2 HANDLING MODES: Get better angles for your video with the carry mode and the straight holding mode.

SMARTPHONE COMPATIBLE: Kylin M is also designed for filming with the phone. It gives you the balance between small-scale handheld phone stabilizers and big scale stabilizers.

HANDLE PANEL: With buttons right on the handle, you have better shooting control for your camera.

DUAL POWER SOURCE: Equipped with 2 Li-ion batteries (3200mAh), Kylin M stabilizer can support at least 12 hours of runtime or directly charge your camera.

BUS EXTENSION PORT: Add more features to the gimbal without having to replace areas of it.

FOLLOWING MODES: Users can use various modes – Pan track mode, Lock mode, Omni track mode and Roll track mode.



The Kylin M is specially created for lightweight cameras and is compatible with lightweight DSLR, mirrorless DC, mobile phones and action cameras. It comes with a special control cable which lets users control shutter/focus, video recording and zooms conveniently. With the lowest price of $239 for a basic bundle on Indiegogo, Kylin M can be classified as a high-end gimbal stabilizer.


Designer: Snoppa Technology


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All images and video via Snoppa Technology / Indiegogo


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