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The phone that you could be reading this on right now is probably already out of date. Sorry, but tech changes incredibly fast.

Whosoever said that old is gold knew what he was talking about. The latest fashion among the tech-savvy lot, across the world, is going retro.

Lofree Poison - Mix of vintage classic design and modern technology

Lofree Poison is a tribute to the item in the past. A nostalgic looking speaker with modern audio technology.

Lofree Poison speaker is a blend of 1950s radio with innovative modern technology which makes for a nostalgic classic gadget a modern coating.

Made with the Bass Enhancement System that lets the Lofree Poison produce mids and trebles from the front, while an ultra-large diaphragm in the back pumps out powerful, deep, full-bodied bass. With 20-watt amplifiers processing audio output, the vintage speaker sounds vaster than other speakers of the same size.

The next touch of modern technology is the wireless feature. You can play up to six hours of CD music thanks to the 2000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, and if you want to connect the Poison another way, it offers you the aux cable connection.

Lofree Poison - Mix of vintage classic design and modern technology

With a physical rotating dial for channel scanning, the Poison will bring back nostalgic memories of the good old days of radio channel surfing.

Lofree Poison Speaker Specs:

  • FM Stereo Separation Degree: > 35db
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 60db
  • Selectivity: >60db
  • Distortion: 0.2%
  • Max Output Power: 10W * 2
  • Speaker: 52mm Speaker * 2
  • Item Dimension: 184 * 105 * 70MM (footpad exclusive)


There will be 4 color options at launch including Turquoise Blue, White, Green and Red with glossy finishing on the surface. You can find more information about this nostalgic looking gadget or even help it achieve the funding goal at the Kickstarter.

Designer – lofree

All images and video via Kickstarter / lofree