Meet LOVE, branded as the world’s first intelligent turntable

LOVE - The World's First Intelligent Turntable

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Vinyl is back and that means the turntable will return.

Meet LOVE, branded as the world’s first intelligent turntable. Recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and wants to bring its device to the masses.

LOVE plays vinyl records using the highest quality traditional stylus. With a standard cartridge spinning counterclockwise, LOVE has the ability to play any record no matter its size or shape. LOVE mounts to the record base and gently rotates the needle around the record. 

With its linear tracking sensor, LOVE scans any record to determinate a size and number of tracks, and nothing more than a tap, listeners are able to turn the LOVE turntable on and off, or even skip to the next track.

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love turntable

love app

love apps

Listen with ease. Place any size record on the LOVE turntable record base to scan the vinyl and determine speed. For example, if you want to listen to track 3: You can start playing your record by either pressing LOVE’s top shell three times or selecting the track through the app.

LOVE’s smartphone app allows you to play, pause, skip tracks, repeat tracks, select rpm speeds, adjust the volume & display the album cover.

LOVE connects to speakers, headphones, receivers, multi-room systems and more wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and directly via 3.5mm cord or RCA Bluetooth adapter.

Watch the video below

Designer: LOVE Turntable

All images via LOVE Turntable/Kickstarter


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