Minfort TT8 – The Multi-function Wooden Turntable Speakers

TT8 - The Multi-function Wooden Turntable Speaker

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There is nothing new when we say retro is in. You can feel it in fashion, design, music, or in technology. If we mention retro with music and technology in one sentence, the result may be interesting.

The music on vinyl is one of the things that is coming back. If you are one of those who enjoys the return of vinyl and wants to improve the listening experience, we introduce you to TT8.

TT8 is a multi-function wooden turntable speaker from the Taiwan-based startup Minfort Audio. This company is known for well designed and awesome looking MIN7 Speaker which has raised over $250,000 in its Kickstarter campaign.

The TT8 speakers are bringing together an interesting mix of retro design and modern technology to give the vinyl music listeners the best possible. The speaker comes in a selection of natural wood – Oak, Teak, and Walnut. The wooden design is ideal to match different home decoration, both traditional and contemporary.

The nice design is a cool additional feature but for music, the device is more important than the sound performance. In this category, Minfort TT8 speakers deliver a great transition from low to high frequencies.

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TT8 - The Multi-function Wooden Turntable Speaker

They have developed exclusive speakers that feature a 1” silk dome tweeter, 4” paper cone woofer, and 5.25” subwoofer. Hooking it up to the exclusive 2.1 channel stereo speakers, the warm analog sound is smoothly conveyed by vinyl records. Along with the wooden exterior, this speaker produces a rich, natural, and smooth audio experience.

As with the MIN7, the Minford TT8 speakers enables the use of Bluetooth and WiFi connection to stream music, so you can pair the speaker with your favorite devices and use them even without a turntable.

Wired options including optical, coaxial, and RCA are also available for connecting to devices such as Blueray, CD players, smartphones, and tablets.

TT8 will soon be featured on the Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested in this product, find out more at the included links.

Designer: Minfort Audio


All images via Minfort Audio

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