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Everyone wants to save energy and there are a lot of options homeowners have at their disposal but when it comes to the return of investment Mistbox Cooling Cost Saver is simply in a class of its own. Savings can vary but Mistbox´s owners can save between 20 and 40 percent on their air conditioning costs. Other options like replacement windows are much more expensive and require waiting 5 to 10 years or even more to get your money back.

Mistbox is different. With the cost below 350 dollars after the tax credit, you can get your money back just after the first season of use.

About the Product

  • Immediate savings: Mistbox starts saving money from the very first day
  • Easy installation: Do it yourself in 5 minutes
  • Smart technology: Mistbox is smart. It learns from its environment – your unique climate & AC system
  • 30% green tax credit
  • Solar powered: no wires. No batteries. Let the sun power your Mistbox in an easy, sustainable way


If you use air conditioning in you home Mistbox will save you money and you can track your savings on the official Mistbox app because this device can actually measure the power consume by your unit. Just enter some information about your unit and electricity rate and Mistbox Cooling Cost Saver will generate savings report for each month.

How cool is that?     


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